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December 30, 2009

Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators

I went to Figure Drawing last night, in spite of the incredible cold in the City.  We had two models during the entire time, one of whom wore an elaborate head dress with devil horns and 3 large silk flowers.  I'm posting a few of the 19 sketches I made - all were done in graphite in a 9 X 12" sketchbook. 

This is one of 10 two minute sketches: 


These are 3 of the 4 Five Minute Sketches:




This is one of 2 ten minute sketches:


You can probably tell that I was sitting in a place where I couldn't see the models' feet.  But my skills sketching hands and feet are so weak, that is OK with me for the moment.  I'm still concentrating on drawing the basic position - head, shoulders, and hips. 

 There were 3 twenty minute poses - but I don't like my drawings as much as the shorter, less overworked poses.  I just purchased a new figure drawing sketchbook that will take water media and may try to draw with a watercolor pencil and then add water for shading during the 20 minute sketches in the future. 



December 18, 2009

NY City Ballet - The Nutcracker - for Sydney's 5th Birthday


I took my daughter and my grand daughter Sydney to the Nutcracker Ballet at Lincoln Center on Wednesday night to celebrate her Dec 20th birthday.  The evening fulfilled all of my expectations - it was magical in every way.  She watched every single minute of the ballet, with rapt attention, but loved the Snowflakes dancing in a blizzard on stage and especially the Mouse King the best.  I now need to find a photo of the Mouse King to add to my journal for her.  If anyone reading this has a photo of the Mouse King from the NYC Balanchine production, I'd LOVE to have a copy!

Sydney - looking very grown up - for her first night at the ballet.  Loved the rhinestone headband!  And the silver bracelet from her great grandmother (on my last blog page) was a big hit!



December 16, 2009

Christmas Preparations

On Monday we bought our Christmas Tree and I picked up a pine bough for EDM Challenge #252.  I was able to really study the way that the needles grew from the branch, and on this one there were 5 long needles from each little knob along the it.  Fascinating!!  I used my rigger brush and both tube watercolors and paint removed from the tip of my watercolor pencil.


Two of my grandchildren have birthdays this week, making the holiday schedule even more complicated.  Long time readers of  this blog may remember our frantic dash to London when Callum arrived 6 weeks early - and one day before Sydney's 2nd birthday.

 Tonight I'm taking my daughter, and Sydney to their first NY City Ballet production of The Nutcracker for her birthday.  My mother, Sydney's great grandmother, gave me a a small silver bracelet to give to her to wear to Lincoln Center.  We are very excited!



December 14, 2009

Fun Weekend

Saturday we took our 6 year old grandson, Henry, to his second NY Philharmonic Young People's Concert.  At Kidzone, an hour before the concert, he was able to try playing a cello and a harp, compose a bar of music which was then played by a violinist, and watch Instrument Village play compositions by young composers.  While he listened to them for 10-15 minutes, I sketched a few of the musicians.





On Sunday morning, the Meet-Up Central Park Drawing Group met at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to sketch.  We started in the Greek and Roman Galleries with two 30 minute sketch sessions.  I drew 3 statues with watercolor pencil, and may still add water.



We then moved to the American painting exhibit - and I sketched a painting by Everett Shin, using watercolor pencils to add color.  Only pencils and pens are permitted in the Museum, so I surreptitiously added water with a Niji waterbrush, to paint it as we left the gallery.



December 9, 2009

Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators

Last night was my 4th monthly figure drawing session at The Society for Illustrators in New York City.  It is a 3 hour, drop-in session - no instruction - but there's great live jazz and wine!   I'm posting one of 10 two minute sketches, one of 4 five minute sketches, 1 of 2 ten minute sketches, and 1 of 3 twenty minute sketches.  We had another bald model - and I would think I'd be used to it because I sketch figures from  But I'm not.





I see some of the same people there every time I go.  Since my date is random each month, I have to think that they never miss - and sketch every Tues and every Thurs!  That is dedication!