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July 16, 2011

Figure Drawing - in Costume

Sketch Night on Thursday night at the Society of Illustrators is a great change because both models are in costume - partial or complete.  This past Thursday was Bastille Day and they both wore French-inspired dresses, very high heels, and wigs.  Props included a baguette, wine bottle and two glasses of wine.

Here are a few 2 min sketches, one 5 min sketch, and one of the 20 minute sketches which was drawn and colored with watercolor pencils.





July 2, 2011

Central Park Drawing and Art Meetup and Sculpture by WeiWei

The Central Park Drawing and Art Meetup Group met at Grand Army Plaza in front of the Plaza Hotel last weekend and we sketched the Zodiac Heads sculpture by the Chinese artist and activist WeiWei.  There are 12 large heads - arranged in a semi-circle, on tall sculpted poles.  They are really impressive and can be seen until July 15th! 

I decided that I liked the "bull" best and did 3 sketches.


I did the first sketch as a "one-liner" because I love Picasso's bulls and toreadors that were all done with one line.  It was hard.  The second was done with ink and watercolor and the third was a side profile done with pencil.


June 29, 2011

June Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators

I'm posting 4 of the 19 sketches done last night at the Society of Illustrators Sketch Night - two 5 minute sketches and two 20 minute sketches.  The long poses were drawn with a watercolor pencil and then shaded with my Niji waterbrush.  And they are on watercolor paper which is too big for my scanner and were thus photographed.






May 21, 2011

A Day in Brooklyn

I met my friends Pat, Melly, and Gwen in Brooklyn  on Friday to celebrate Melly's upswing week (week 3 after chemotherapy) and had a wonderful day wandering the Botanic Garden and the Art Museum.  It was my first visit to the Gardens - WOW!  The wisteria and tree peonies were unbelievable.  The website says there are 300 tree peonies in bloom!  Go see Melly and Gwen's blogs for their sketchbook pages and some photos from the day. 

I sketched a little (in pen) as I walked and Gwen taught us about the Chelidonium Magus plant whose sap was used as pigment in Medieval manuscripts.  The yellow squiggly lines and the yellow flower on my sketchbook page are all from the sap of the leaves when you break one off the stem!  Amazing!


After a lovely lunch on the patio in the Gardens, we walked next door to the Art Museum and spent most of the time sketching in the African Arts section.



Then we took a quick tour of Judy Chicago's Dinner Party and the current exhibit in the Feminist Art Center.  It was a fantastic day - and a very easy trip for me from Manhattan to Brooklyn by subway.

May 15, 2011

Meetup Central Park Drawing - Saturday

The Meetup Central Park Drawing Group met at the Conservatory Garden for our usual Spring session - and I was attracted, as always, to the two beautiful fountains.  This time I only sketched one of the Dancing Maidens, not all 3.   Jesse, the group leader,photographs all of the drawings and uploads them to the website for the event.  Next time we return to Bethesda Fountain and Plaza.


By the time we moved to the south section of the Garden, the wedding around the other fountain had ended and I was able to paint the nymph and flute player.