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Christmas Preparations

On Monday we bought our Christmas Tree and I picked up a pine bough for EDM Challenge #252.  I was able to really study the way that the needles grew from the branch, and on this one there were 5 long needles from each little knob along the it.  Fascinating!!  I used my rigger brush and both tube watercolors and paint removed from the tip of my watercolor pencil.


Two of my grandchildren have birthdays this week, making the holiday schedule even more complicated.  Long time readers of  this blog may remember our frantic dash to London when Callum arrived 6 weeks early - and one day before Sydney's 2nd birthday.

 Tonight I'm taking my daughter, and Sydney to their first NY City Ballet production of The Nutcracker for her birthday.  My mother, Sydney's great grandmother, gave me a a small silver bracelet to give to her to wear to Lincoln Center.  We are very excited!




Yes I remember your treks to London and the excitement with the birth - seems like yesterday. What a great memory the ballet will be and that precious little bracelet on that sweet little wrist. Lovely entry Shirley, all these memories will be/are priceless memories. Happy Holidays to you all! (now we just need a little snow flurry!)

Best wishes for a wonderful evening! I am enjoying your pages and looking forward to lots more in the New Year.

I love your illustration of the pine bough.

They say: 5 needles = WHITE (5 letters) pine and 3 needles = RED (3 letters) pine.

I have long believed that the beautiful pines near the Woodbury Mansion, the ones that are engraved into our Douglass rings, are Red Pines.

I am finally going to make your Rice Mice! Slow, but eventually I get there!

What a great job on that pine bough - it's perfect. It sounds like a great night at the ballet - it wil be so much fun to watch her discover the nutracker for the very fist time. I also remember your posts from London when Callum was born.
It's snowing here in France, so we're really starting to get in a Christmas mood.

Your pine looks so realistic! Great job. How wonderful to be taking your granddaughter to her first ballet. I haven't been to my first ballet! She looks so dressed up and ready to go!

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