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Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators

I went to Figure Drawing last night, in spite of the incredible cold in the City.  We had two models during the entire time, one of whom wore an elaborate head dress with devil horns and 3 large silk flowers.  I'm posting a few of the 19 sketches I made - all were done in graphite in a 9 X 12" sketchbook. 

This is one of 10 two minute sketches: 


These are 3 of the 4 Five Minute Sketches:




This is one of 2 ten minute sketches:


You can probably tell that I was sitting in a place where I couldn't see the models' feet.  But my skills sketching hands and feet are so weak, that is OK with me for the moment.  I'm still concentrating on drawing the basic position - head, shoulders, and hips. 

 There were 3 twenty minute poses - but I don't like my drawings as much as the shorter, less overworked poses.  I just purchased a new figure drawing sketchbook that will take water media and may try to draw with a watercolor pencil and then add water for shading during the 20 minute sketches in the future. 




Terrific sketches! I also enjoyed seeing your beautiful Christmas creations in the previous post.

I think these are fine sketches and I am very impressed at how well you do in 2 minute blocks!

Your excitement is such fun to see, well deserved, and contagious too! These really are terrific - I've been looking at how different artists handle hair - your loose, swept treatment here is just a great example of "less is more" achieving both weight and softness.

I can really see your linework developing in these sketches - maybe reflecting how you felt whilst you were drawing. I too like the way you've handled the hair, and I really like your linework in the third one down.

Lovely sketches - so fluid. Looking forward to seeing what you do when you introduce the watercolour.

These are wonderful, Shirley! Figure drawing, wine, and jazz...wow...

Shirley, you captured the proportions of the human body perfectly! The lines are so graceful and elegant.
All the best to you in the New Year.

Hi Shirley, haven't been by in a long while. Enjoyed todays visit immensely. Your figure studies are fluid and lovely and your giraffe from before...adorable!

Great lines, love the "shoulders up and down" sketch, lots of movement!

Stunning work! I'm particularly struck by the life in the sketches compared to the ones you used to do from photos. But of course this is live life drawing--can't help but be more alive. And I noted in your previous post your comment about how coming home from travel sketching you'd lost interest in drawing from photos. And that you didn't want to do more commissioned work after the first one. I understand that well, having just completed three commissioned watercolor flower paintings from photos for a London publisher. Working from photos just isn't as much, especially when you didn't take the photos or ever see the original subject.

Nice drawings, especially for 2 minutes poses. This has brought back a lot of memories of those frantic 30 second to two minute sessions I endured in my life drawing classes. Without interfering with your education, I would like to make a suggestion. I notice that you focus on the contours of your subject. The real beauty of life drawing happens when you learn to draw from the inside out. Glenn Vilppu is probably one of the best on the subject of traditional life drawing techniques. I highly recommend the Drawing Manual.

I had the privilege of taking 3 semesters with one of his former students and I learned more there than any of my drawing classes. I'd really like to take one of Vilppu's classes, but I am no longer in California:(

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