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February 11, 2020

Juilliard Concert and Grand Jury Summons

Concert Evening:  My husband and I went to a wonderful Juilliard Concert last evening.  The Historical Presentation Graduate Students ( Juilliard 415) and the Juilliard Orchestra, performed on the same stage for the first time.  We love to go to the Classical and Jazz Concerts performed at Juilliard and the ticket prices are terrific.  I quickly sketched the conductor Nicholas McGegan, who was the most active conductor I've ever seen, and several musicians close to him. 



Grand Jury Summons : Two weeks ago I received a summons for the Manhattan Grand Jury.  If selected you meet either every day for 2 weeks or half days for one month.  I thought for sure that I was over the age limit, only to learn that they have no age limit, and in fact my year of birth was printed on the summons.  They were seating 2 Grand Juries (46 jurors total) and jurors are selected randomly by cards pulled from a drum.  For the second time in the last decade I was not one of the randomly selected jurors - making me especially happy because I currently have a flare of low back pain.  This young woman sitting next to me was selected after I sketched her.



January 31, 2020

Master Drawing Week 2020

This past week was Master Drawing Week in NYC.  Galleries on the Upper East Side mount special exhibits of master drawings - from the 1600s through moderns like Matisse and Picasso.  They have a booklet you can pick up with a map and information in the participating galleries.  You can also download a map at this link: 

The galleries will still be open today and tomorrow.  I go with my artist friends yearly and we rarely have time to draw anything in our sketchbooks to remember the day.  Yesterday I did two very quick sketches.


January 24, 2020

Art Day January 16, 2020

January 16th was a wonderful art day - beginning at the Grand Central Transit Museum Holiday Train display and then followed by a visit to the Center for Italian Modern Art. 

My sketch of the Grand Central Terminal model was done quickly - the building was wonderful.


The afternoon was spent at the Center for Italian Modern Art in Soho where I sketched some of Marino Marini's terric, rough, female sculptures - ranging from table size to life size.  The Center has excellent exhibits, with tours some days of the weeks.  When we were there, we were the only visitors and were able to relax and draw until we finished. 





January 10, 2020

Prime Time Textile Workshop at The Museum of Modern Art.

A Prime Time Workshop at the Museum of Modern Art was held this week, and they presented images of art works made with textiles that currently on display.  Then a museum educator at the museum gave us a pile of fabric scraps, cardboard, colored tapes, and string, yarn, cords, and wire.  We had Tacky Glue, a palette knife, scissors, and newsprint as tools. and had about 90 minutes to create something, anything. 

I always wanted to make collages similar to Hannalore Baron and Kurt Schwitters, and created two pieces.  It is so much fun to have limited supplies, a time limit, and no pressure.  There were 15 people in our group and there were 15 totally different works of art! 




Here is the second, smaller one. 


January 3, 2020

Figure Drawing on the Upper Westside Dec 28, 2019



Figure Drawing on the Upper Westside - NYC

I am posting these selected drawings in reverse order today - 20, 10, and 5 minute poses.  I sketched with a GENERAL Sketch and Wash pencil and then used my water brush to move the graphite to add shading. 

Twenty Minutes:  The model had a little pose drift with some rotation, and suddenly I saw his left arm appear during the last 5 minutes.  There was no other change in his pose.



Ten Minute Pose



Five Minute Pose (with cropping).



This is a lovely location for figure drawing and many of our Battery Park City artist friends come here after the outdoor figure drawing ends for the year on Oct 31st.