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Fun Weekend

Saturday we took our 6 year old grandson, Henry, to his second NY Philharmonic Young People's Concert.  At Kidzone, an hour before the concert, he was able to try playing a cello and a harp, compose a bar of music which was then played by a violinist, and watch Instrument Village play compositions by young composers.  While he listened to them for 10-15 minutes, I sketched a few of the musicians.





On Sunday morning, the Meet-Up Central Park Drawing Group met at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to sketch.  We started in the Greek and Roman Galleries with two 30 minute sketch sessions.  I drew 3 statues with watercolor pencil, and may still add water.



We then moved to the American painting exhibit - and I sketched a painting by Everett Shin, using watercolor pencils to add color.  Only pencils and pens are permitted in the Museum, so I surreptitiously added water with a Niji waterbrush, to paint it as we left the gallery.




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