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May 29, 2010

Every Day in May - 29

The Whitney Museum was open around the clock for 3 days as their Biennial Exhibit draws to a close.  It is usually very conceptual and not very interesting, but my friend Istar convinced me that this year there was art that would inspire both of us.  So we went early yesterday morning and I really enjoyed seeing some of the work and I brought home a few ideas about things I'd like to try.  This is the journal page on which I took some notes.

There was one large room filled with only large ink paintings by Charles Ray.  Each one was of flowers - that were very similar - but with variations on the compositions from painting to painting.  There were many, many flowers in each painting- arranged beautifully.  The colors were brilliant - and the flowers with the long petals, each a different bright color, flip-floping back and forth over each other, were my favorites.  My journal flower sketches were each done in less than a minute - just enough for me to remember a few of the variations in his flowers.  


May 19, 2010

Every Day in May - 19

Last night I went to Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators in New York City.  I think some of the people that I see there regularly go twice each week.  I'd love to go twice each month, but will probably never go more frequently than that.  This time I took my 9B woodless pencil and stumper that I played with when I was reading Bill Rankin's Fast Sketching Techniques book and loved using them for the longer poses.  Here is one page for 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, and 20 minute poses.  My new sketchbook is slightly bigger than my scanner and the person sitting next to me created charcoal dust periodically that drifted onto my page - so I cleaned them up as well as possible.

Two Minute Poses for each Model (2 of 20):  


Five Minute Pose (1 of 4):


Ten Minute Pose (1 of 2):


Twenty Minute Pose (1 of 3):



May 16, 2010

Every Day in May - 16

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a new fashion exhibit called the American Woman.  It was crowded, and I sketched two garments quickly and then painted them at home - mostly from memory.  The whitish stripe down the center of the page is from Photoshop removal of the gutter between the two pages. 


May 9, 2010

Everyday in May - 9

Yesterday was our monthly Saturday Meet-up Central Park Drawing and Art Group - and we met at Columbus Circle.  It was a beautiful day but very windy.  My eye immediately went to these purple flowers.  I'll add several photos so I can get help identifying them.  The entire circle was surrounded by these long stem beauties.




We then moved into Central Park to the area around the childrens' playground and the big climbing rock.  It was much less windy and more pleasant for 30 minutes of sketching.  I chose to do a painting of the top of the GM building over the park trees. 


Finally we moved further into Central Park and climbed to the Chess and Checker House.  There were only a few people playing, I was sitting too close to this couple, so I have a semi-caricature because I couldn't really stare at them long enough to sketch anything accurately.



May 8, 2010

Every Day in May - 8

This is a preliminary drawing that I did of an apartment building on the Upper Westside of Manhattan.  I promised a larger painting and just wanted to play with the angles and perspective in my sketch book.

I'd love some suggestions for mixing a really good dirty brick color.