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Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators

Last night was my 4th monthly figure drawing session at The Society for Illustrators in New York City.  It is a 3 hour, drop-in session - no instruction - but there's great live jazz and wine!   I'm posting one of 10 two minute sketches, one of 4 five minute sketches, 1 of 2 ten minute sketches, and 1 of 3 twenty minute sketches.  We had another bald model - and I would think I'd be used to it because I sketch figures from posemaniacs.com.  But I'm not.





I see some of the same people there every time I go.  Since my date is random each month, I have to think that they never miss - and sketch every Tues and every Thurs!  That is dedication!


The top one really has a sense of the weight of the model and you've captured the gesture - I like the looseness too.

I really love these sketches ! The attitudes are so well captured!

You are doing really well. You seem to have a pretty steady hand-eye coordination as I don't see lots of stops and restatements. Now why would they want to be bald?

Thanks for the reference to posemanics - I've not come across that site before - it looks very useful.

Your drawings are right on! I also thank you for the reference to posemanics. You have inspired me.

That IS dedication, but how lovely to be able to have that option...I'd have to drive 30+ miles...

I think posemaniacs helps a lot for the short poses, don't you? If I do a couple of minutes of 30 second poemaniacs before life drawing, the 2 minute poses seem long! You are making steady progress - and I think I'd be slightly put off by a bald model too!

These are really terrific. And there is live jazz and wine! I am starting a life drawing class in Feb. I doubt there will be either :-)

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