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Every Day in May - 19

Last night I went to Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators in New York City.  I think some of the people that I see there regularly go twice each week.  I'd love to go twice each month, but will probably never go more frequently than that.  This time I took my 9B woodless pencil and stumper that I played with when I was reading Bill Rankin's Fast Sketching Techniques book and loved using them for the longer poses.  Here is one page for 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, and 20 minute poses.  My new sketchbook is slightly bigger than my scanner and the person sitting next to me created charcoal dust periodically that drifted onto my page - so I cleaned them up as well as possible.

Two Minute Poses for each Model (2 of 20):  


Five Minute Pose (1 of 4):


Ten Minute Pose (1 of 2):


Twenty Minute Pose (1 of 3):




One of these days I'm going to come and go with you! You are really making progress - that last one especially is great.

Lovely sketches ! Congratulations for rendering the attitudes in a few minutes. I love the "softness" of the lines in the last one !

Wonderful figures! I especially like the quick gesture sketches - they are quite expressive and the poses are so well captured.

Great job on all of these. It looks like you're doing really well with David Rankin's advice! I especially like the second to last one!

Your soft touch with the human figure continues, these nudes are quite lovely.

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