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Every Day in May - 30

 Only one more day in May to post a daily sketchbook page! 

Yesterday my husband and I went to the Museum of Modern Art early to see the current Henri Cartier Bresson photography show and the Picasso print exhibit.  This is the 3rd HCB exhibit I've seen and it was by far the largest - and included photos from many of his photojournalist articles in major publications.  I really like his photographs, probably because they are such quick snapshots in the lives of people around the world.

The Picasso exhibit has a few of the same prints that are in the big Picasso exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - but I never get tired of seeing his drawings, prints, and linocuts.  I remain fascinated with his ability to capture so much in so few lines and sketched his drawing of Francoise Gilot - I think hoping that I will achieve his skill through repitition!  I still have to draw quickly in pencil before using the dreaded Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.  My added color is from a Neocolor II crayon.




great look!

Judging from this, you already are Picasso!

You're so lucky to live close enough to see these wonderful exhibits! I like your rendition very much. nancy

Two great exhibits I would love to see! I really like your Picasso drawing!

As much as you hate the Dreaded Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, I love it more and more!

What a wonderful exhibition to see. I must say I would love to see that one.

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