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Every Day in May - 29

The Whitney Museum was open around the clock for 3 days as their Biennial Exhibit draws to a close.  It is usually very conceptual and not very interesting, but my friend Istar convinced me that this year there was art that would inspire both of us.  So we went early yesterday morning and I really enjoyed seeing some of the work and I brought home a few ideas about things I'd like to try.  This is the journal page on which I took some notes.

There was one large room filled with only large ink paintings by Charles Ray.  Each one was of flowers - that were very similar - but with variations on the compositions from painting to painting.  There were many, many flowers in each painting- arranged beautifully.  The colors were brilliant - and the flowers with the long petals, each a different bright color, flip-floping back and forth over each other, were my favorites.  My journal flower sketches were each done in less than a minute - just enough for me to remember a few of the variations in his flowers.  



Great page! Love the way it is arranged, and the colors.

Nicely laid out and I love the colours. I'm amazed at 24 hour opening! I wonder how many visit in the middle of the night :)

This is really a wonderful page. The flowers just look so happy - they made me smile! nancy

Each drawing may have only taken a minute, but you've used your sketchbook for one of its greatest purposes (IMO)...recording ideas!! Excellent page!

I really enjoy looking at the colors of this one =) It's very relaxing

I love the way you are using colour. This one AND the penguins.

What a lively and joyful journal page!! The penguins are awesome too!

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