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Central Park Zoo Sketchcrawl

I spent the day yesterday, with my art buddies Pat and Benedicte, at the Central Park Zoo.  It was a beautiful, but hot day, and every school class in the City was there for a field trip!  I love sketching at the zoo - it is a real test of how fast you can achieve an image of some type.  I sketch in pencil and then take a photo so I know how to paint the animal when I get home.  These are the first 4 pages (out of 6) that I painted.

Gentoo and Chinstrap Penguins


King Penguin - These are new penguins in the exhibit and they are bigger than the others.


Three Scarlet Ibis:


Tortoise and Hornbill




Well done ! Congratulations for sketching fast (I'm hopeless at that!) What did you offer them to make them stand still ? :o)

Lovely! Great renderings! Yes, I was there and even photographed your hands drawing!

Oh great pages Shirley - love the scarlet ibis and that king penguin is just excellent.

These zoo sketches are quite endearing Shirley - I love the frame/box effect as well, Capturing those moving subjects has to be a challenge.

You did a great job at fast sketching; these are terrific! Love the king penguin and the long tailed hornbill especially!

I marvel at people who sketch things that creep, crawl, peck, flop around, dart,bob and weave and run and bend and move almost constantly--I think even a turtle would challange me--so my strengths are elsewhere----great job!!!

What a productive trip to the zoo. These are out of this world. Great job!

Wow! These are great. They all seem to have such charming personalities.

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