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Figure Drawing - Beach Costumes

The models this Thursday at the Society of illustrators sketch night were dressed for the beach - with a parasol, sunglasses, tropical drinks, wraps, and flip-flops.  These were fun accessories to draw and the models were just great.  Nineteen sketches were done, but I'm only uploading several - all of the same model.

These are 2 two minute sketches, a 5 minute sketch, and a ten minute sketch:




I switched to a watercolor pencil for drawing and large sheets of watercolor paper for the 20 minute minute poses and used the time to draw the models and shade and paint the sketches.  This seems like a good way to work with watercolor before I'm ready and able to "sketch" the figures with my brush.  These sketches were photographed because the paper is bigger than my scanner.




Your line work is very flowing and elegant. Great sketches!

Shirley, these are fantastic! I love the poses and the accessories...

What lovely sketches. I especially like the ones you've added color to.


When you said beach costumes I want thinking suits from the 1900's. Boy was I surprised! Wonderful work on these.

These photographed really well. That last one was such a challenge -- it's amazing what a great job you did with it.


These are great. This class is wonderful for you. What a great opportunity to sketch the human body.

Oh my these are fantastic! I especially love the ones done in color. Good job!

Brilliant sketches Shirley - you've captured such a lot in such a short space of time. I've never been to a life drawing class, but I think I should try and find one nearby.

The sketches are terrific. I certainly like the idea of clothed models-especially when they have a "theme". Enjoy cooler weather.

Great sketches, very lively! You managed to capture impressive amount of detail in two minutes.

Gorgeous sketches Shirley =)

These are amazing! You did a great job with them, and I'm so impressed at what you managed to capture in just 2 minutes! nancy

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