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Figure Drawing - in Costume

Sketch Night on Thursday night at the Society of Illustrators is a great change because both models are in costume - partial or complete.  This past Thursday was Bastille Day and they both wore French-inspired dresses, very high heels, and wigs.  Props included a baguette, wine bottle and two glasses of wine.

Here are a few 2 min sketches, one 5 min sketch, and one of the 20 minute sketches which was drawn and colored with watercolor pencils.






Nice sketches. Must have been a change of pace for you.

Oh let's go on a few Thursdays!! I'd love to sketch costumed people. These look great!

I think these are great! =) I believe I'll have harder time drawing nude models, because I'd be blushing the whole time and probably be looking elsewhere most the times

I love the second one...such a 'French' attitude, it would make a great painting!

You don't make it look like a problem. Well done!

Very nice sketches - you are getting better and better. I especially like nos. 2 and 3, the body proportions are just right.

Oh how I'd love to be able to go with you to these sessions! Your drawings are wonderful, as always! nancy

Ooooolala! Lots of flair in your drawings. #2 and #3 have a Proustian quality! I love it!

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