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December 30, 2009

Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators

I went to Figure Drawing last night, in spite of the incredible cold in the City.  We had two models during the entire time, one of whom wore an elaborate head dress with devil horns and 3 large silk flowers.  I'm posting a few of the 19 sketches I made - all were done in graphite in a 9 X 12" sketchbook. 

This is one of 10 two minute sketches: 


These are 3 of the 4 Five Minute Sketches:




This is one of 2 ten minute sketches:


You can probably tell that I was sitting in a place where I couldn't see the models' feet.  But my skills sketching hands and feet are so weak, that is OK with me for the moment.  I'm still concentrating on drawing the basic position - head, shoulders, and hips. 

 There were 3 twenty minute poses - but I don't like my drawings as much as the shorter, less overworked poses.  I just purchased a new figure drawing sketchbook that will take water media and may try to draw with a watercolor pencil and then add water for shading during the 20 minute sketches in the future. 



December 9, 2009

Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators

Last night was my 4th monthly figure drawing session at The Society for Illustrators in New York City.  It is a 3 hour, drop-in session - no instruction - but there's great live jazz and wine!   I'm posting one of 10 two minute sketches, one of 4 five minute sketches, 1 of 2 ten minute sketches, and 1 of 3 twenty minute sketches.  We had another bald model - and I would think I'd be used to it because I sketch figures from  But I'm not.





I see some of the same people there every time I go.  Since my date is random each month, I have to think that they never miss - and sketch every Tues and every Thurs!  That is dedication!

November 11, 2009

Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators

Last night was my 3rd figure drawing session at the Society of Illustrators in New York City and I came home with 19 sketches, even though I really didn't like one of the two models.  This was a new experience and I had to convince myself that I didn't need to like the model or their poses - it was all an opportunity to practice drawing.

The standard format is 10 two minute poses, 4 five minute poses, 2 ten minute poses, and 3 twenty minute poses, with breaks, over 3 hours.  I'm posting one from each group.



This is the other model - small, really skinny, shaved head except for a circle of bright yellow short hair in a circle on the top of her head.  However, it was the contorted positions that she took which I didn't like, except this one.




I loved the setting, really enjoyed the live piano and double bass music throughout the evening, and appreciated the glass of red wine while sketching.

November 1, 2009

More Journal Pages

Here are 3 more journal pages - I'm on a roll!

I love watching Project Runway and periodically like to sketch the winning design the evening that I watch it.  Here is the oversized sweater and paper-bag waste pants by Althea that all of the women judges wanted to wear, right then.


The following day I thought alot about my own love of design and specifically two outfits that I made when I was a senior in college.  The one on the left is a suede suit that I made with 5 skins that my boyfriend of the time gave me for my birthday.  I had enough suede to make the skirt and front panels of the jacket.  The jacket sleeves, back, and front button panel were made from a wool-silk tweed blend that matched the suede.  The dress on the left was made as a final exam in a semester long flat pattern design course that I took (after my premed requirements were done and I was already admitted to medical school).  I selected a dress from a NYTimes newspaper advertisement and made the pattern and then the dress from a green wool tweed.  The top was a blouson style and the skirt had a deep inverted pleat and slant pockets.  I don't have photos of either design - amazing now that I have 10 photos of everything with my digital camera.


Yesterday my husband and I went to the Fall Impressionist and Modern Previews at Christies and Sotheby's Auction Houses in New York City - one of our favorite semi-annual activities.  We start at Christies, then have lunch at Dos Caminos and end at Sothebys - and in the process see well over 500 pieces of art that will be auctioned on Nov 3rd and 4th.  I loved a work on paper by George Grosz and sketched a detail from it - a man's head. 



October 20, 2009

Two Exercises for Daily Drawings:

I did several "play" exercises before I left last week for the Quilt Festival. 

Prepainting a Page Background: Roz recommends prepainting the background on some pages in your sketchbook and then just drawing and painting over it.  I prepainted every other double-page spread in my first sketchbook (2003) based on exercises derived from the Gwen Diehn book The Decorated Page, but have not done it since.  My daughter found a new leather pencil case for me and I wanted to draw it with one of each category of tool I carry in it.  To make the background more interesting, I decided to prepaint it, let it dry, and then proceed with my drawing.



Anatomy for Action Figure Drawing:  Angela Gair and Anthony Colbert, in their book The Sketchbook Kit, recommend that you "amuse yourself by drawing little sketches that show how the skeleton moves, in order to understand how the joints operate."  I love this concept and finally tried drawing their little skeletons, just in time for Halloween.