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May 16, 2020

Future Joy

Can we even imagine when this Pandemic will be controlled?  Yesterday Gov. Cuomo began Phase 1 of his reopening plan.  This will be done by regions in the state, based on 7 Covid-19 statistics.  In Phase 1 Construction and Manufacturing can open.  Plans must be outlined and workers kept safe.  The State Government website has a dashboard for following daily health statistics, by region, and if the Rate of Infection goes above 1.0 in the next 2 weeks, closures will be reinstituted.  New York City residents will remain at home until at least 6/16. NYC's hospitalizations, and deaths are dropping, but we have an additional 3 criteria (beyond the region's criteria), that must be met before NYC can enter Phase 1.  My next figures drawn will be housebound again.  I was just happy for the people in the regions of NY State that could return to work! 


May 13, 2020

Bad Social Distancing

Bad Social Distancing: I'm trying to kickstart my drawings since the full quarantine went into effect on March 20th in NYC, and I stopped my daily walk and drawing sessions in my neighborhood.  These are figures that I sketch after breakfast from two figure drawing books.  In my last blog post I sketched social distancing, so this one is "Bad Social Distancing."  The drawings are done on a quarter of a piece of copy paper. painted with watercolors, cut out and then collaged to the page.  The background painting was made as paste paper -acrylic paints textured with a Lego plate.


Stay Home and Stay Safe.   

February 19, 2020

Quick Sidewalk Sketches

Random people sketched in front of the Plaza Hotel:

I was waiting in front of the hotel and these two people stopped just long enough for me to do a quick sketch using an Albrecht Durer watercolor pencil.  Water was added later to spread the color.  I carry one of these pencils in my small purse with some blank index cards which makes it easier to not attract attention.


February 15, 2020

Subway Quick Sketch - Feb 11th

I've been out of commission for several weeks with a flareup of back pain, and not much of my planned Figuary Drawing was done.  Instead I've been catching up with reading while stretching out on a heating pad.  On my way to the Courthouse to appear for my Grand Jury summons, I sketched this wonderful looking subway passenger - who fell asleep right after I sketched him.  Hopefully next week I'll be back to my usual self.

I sketched him with an Albrecht Durer watercolor pencil and then spread the color a little with water after the original drawing was scanned. 


February 4, 2020

Figuary Feb 3. 2020

I am participating in Figuary again this February.  It is a combined daily figure drawing program at "Love Life Drawing" (You Tube) and Croquis Café (Vimeo).  Kenzo at Love Life Drawing gives a short lesson, 10 min or less, and Croquis Café has models doing short poses for you to draw.  I've included links at the end of this post.

Today Kenzo reviewed drawing methods of Richard Powell who specializes in 1 and 2 minute poses.  The poses were very short at Croquis Café 15 sec up to 5 min, and I just paused the clock and sketched as fast as I could (2 min or less for each) trying to use Powell's method.  Here are the 12 quick drawings - each was done on 1/4th sheet of used copy paper.

Group A



Group B



Group C


Links for February.  You need to sign up for Vimeo before you can open Croquis Café which has the model poses.

Day 1 Tutorial:

Day 1 Croquis Cafe  practice session: