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Figure Drawing Night at the Society of Illustrators

 I thoroughly enjoy my monthly figure drawing sessions - and last evening one of the two models was the lovely pregnant woman from my last session.  The fast, i.e. 2 minute and 5 minute sketches are the most fun for me, probably because I get bored during the 20 minute poses when I think I should add faces and hands.  Feet are rarely an option because I can't see them from where I sit.

2 minute Pose


2 Minute Pose Left and 5 Minute Pose Right


5 Minute Pose


5 Minute Pose Left and 10 Minute Pose Right


I realized that I chose to upload only the drawings that I did of the pregnant model. (there are always 19 total)  She is just glowing - with a beautiful calm face and lovely smile.


These are really wonderful! Nice work! Sounds like a wonderful experience.

Lovely sketches! It sounds like a wonderful figure drawing session.

Good job, and under such time constraints. What an interesting experience to have a pregnant model!

Shirley - these are fantastic and your figure drawing is really going well. The figures are looking so comfortable and flowing. If I ever visit New York again (so many places in the world to see, so little annual leave and money) I will definitely go drawing with you here!

I so look forward to your live model pages, and these make me anxious to see more. How happy-making to learn she is glowing and peaceful - I'm so glad you shared that in your comments. It is certainly how I felt, and brings back a flood of lovely memories. :)


I haven't been to a life drawing session in a long time. Your lovely drawings have motivated me to start going again. Thanks so much! nancy

I like these a lot. You captured the weight of her belly and her sweet serenity. Have you found that your medical training and knowledge of physiology helps your figure drawing?

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