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Another Evening of Live Figure Drawing

Last night, The Society of Illustrators had two lovely models, one of whom was 6 months pregnant.  It was a joy to sketch them - trying to capture their lovely poses and bodies. 

 A Five Minute Sketch in Graphite


Two twenty minute poses - with watercolor pencil in a new Daler Rowney sketchbook.  I'm not sure yet how much I like it.... 


20 minute



What lovely poses!

These are terrific drawings! I envy your figure drawing sessions - and I can tell you are enjoying yourself!

You are doing so well, capturing so much with 2 figures ... really love what you caught in the 5 minutes.

I've not done two models together before, but I imagine it is difficult to get the two poses to balance correctly. These are wonderful! And you are definitely having fun with this!

YOU are inspiring me to go to figure drawing sessions. Hope to draw within the next week or so with a local group. Thanks.

Lovely sketches.

Shirley - such a joy to see these drawings and to know you put in the hard yards to get here. Wonderful. You must be so happy to be drawing from life with such great results.

One of my favorite figure paintings is one I did of a young woman pregnant with twins. These are lovely and the proportions right on. I think the few lessons from your book may have helped with that. I really will take a second look at my copy of Keys to Drawing.

You don't often see a pregnant model. Well, I don't anyway. What a treat! Very nice sketches you've done in capturing their poses.

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