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April 25, 2020

Elephant Bookends Seen While Window Shopping

I was walking down Madison Avenue on one of my daily walks before "lockdown" and saw these elephant bookends in a store window.  In 2013 I wanted a drawing challenge because I was bored with my apt. items - most of which were already drawn and painted.  I love elephants and decided to draw them from photos and videos using every possible art medium I had in my supplies.  I even did an Eric Carle type of collage with paper made from my Gelli Plate ( 

I loved the project and made both a photo book of my elephants and a zine.  Now I am watching the San Diego Zoo Elephant Cam for pure pleasure during the pandemic solitude. (


April 22, 2020

More Window Shopping Before Our Lockdown

We have a surgical supply store in our neighborhood, and when I stopped to actually look at all of the things in or near the windows when I could still take a daily walk, I was fascinated by the varieties of canes that are available.  I picked my favorites and put them into the cane stand, ignoring the more common designs. 

Stay Home and Stay Healthy.  NYC (all 5 boroughs) had 2519 new cases of Covid-19 reported yesterday.  While the numbers are decreasing, including hospitalizations, our confinement was extended to May 15th.  I made 5 masks for family over the last few days - several for grandchildren. 



April 18, 2020

A Little Bit of New York City Today

I can't wait until I resume my daily walks during the pandemic, but NYC still has a large number of new cases and deaths each day (albeit a plateau).  On this day a dog walker was waiting in front of my apartment as her partner was getting one more dog.  A few of the dogs looked right at me when I reached the door.  That day I was hoping to see 2 walkers together which might include 10-12 dogs, but didn't.  And the dogs are all walking quietly, no barking, no nipping, no squatting down and refusing to walk.  It is amazing.  Some walkers have all big dogs, others have medium-sized dogs.  It is my favorite street scene in my City. 


April 15, 2020

Beautiful Blooming Star Magnolia in Central Park

On the last day of my neighborhood walks this Star Magnolia Tree was in bloom in Central Park.  It was a beautiful day and the Park was too full for my comfort. I felt as if I were the only person worrying about social distancing.  The following day (March 21st) was my first day staying at home 24/7.  Gov. Cuomo instituted staying at home except for the grocery store or pharmacy visits at 8PM the very next day (March 22nd).  This sketchbook page will be an everlasting memory of Coronavirus Pandemic in the most dense City in the US (28,000 people/sq. mile).


April 11, 2020

Window Shopping for Hats

I LOVE hat mannequins that I see in shop windows on my neighborhood walks.  But I don't  wear hats!  I think I'm saving them until I'm really old.  New York just reached a plateau for the coronavirus pandemic, but nothing has changed in the "stay at home" rules.  I look forward to donning mask and gloves and resuming my daily neighborhood walk.  The stores are all closed, so the store windows will still be the same for now.