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Elephant Experiments

I don't work in a series very often, primarily due to boredom.  But I still have some tools and mediums, purchased in the past, that I want to try in my elephant series. 

Elephant #13:  Elephant #12, posted previously, was drawn with a dip pen and India ink.  Today I tried a ruling pen and FW acrylic ink on Fabriano Artistico 140 lb Soft Press watercolor paper for Elephant #13.  I was able to move the ink with water in areas that weren't completely dry.

I used the ruling pen with thickened black procion MX dye on fabric several years ago and I really liked it.  Today I found it hard to prevent a few big ink drops with the acrylic ink - a much thinner liquid.  Practice and more practice would be necessary if I were to use the ruling pen again this way.


Elephant #14:  On Wednesday my art buddies were here to play with Gelli Arts printing plates and acrylic paints on paper.  One of the prints I made with white and black Liquitex Basics paint and smooth, slick copy paper was perfect for an elephant collage.  I thought I was going to use paste paper for the collage, but made a last minute decision to go with the more textured "Gelli" print.

I looked at Eric Carle's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar and a reference book entitled The Art of Eric Carle to look at his technique.  And then I found several wonderful tutorials on his website and a single page PDF with instructions to create a collage.  PERFECT!  He paints tissue paper with matte medium and acrylic paints and uses them as his palette.  He doesn't make paste paper as I originally believed.

My process:  I traced the FW acrylic ink elephant #13 to use as my pattern, and then cut each elephant segment through the tracing paper with an x-acto knife.  Each segment was cut out sequentially and immediately glued in place with a UHU glue stick using the tracing paper for placement.  At the end I added eyes and some detail with a dip pen and India ink.

Here is my Gelli Art print after I cut out each of the segments.


And here is my elephant collage.  I'm thrilled with the results!



I am absolutely thrilled too! Fabulous Shirley! This elephant has such character. Gelli plate with copy paper really works well! I think this elephant needs companions! Have you ever heard of a pink elephant?

Wonderful! this collage elephant is amazing! I've been enjoying the parade of elephants, don't know whether I have a favorite, but I surely love this one!

Goodness, I'd be thrilled too, Shirley. This is wonderful. How about an elephant book?

I like the way the skin looks on your collage

Nice!!! Very Carle-like, and that's a big compliment!

Absolutely love it!!!!

Excellent results Shirley!! I adore your collaged elephant!
Thanks for outlining your process. I must have a go
with making textures on my gelli for collage purposes.

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