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March 21, 2020

The Surge Has Arrived and NY is the Epicenter

Yesterday was a pivotal point in NYC.  Schools were shut for one week already, workers were working from home if possible, city residents were decreasing their activities, limiting groups to 10 or less, and slowly the test kits became available.  My husband and I had enough food in the apartment and were comfortably staying at home with one walk per day (with social distancing) for fresh air - and not even together.  Then Cuomo "shut the valve," a move also favored by our Mayor.  Our lives won't change substantially unless we are exposed.  But case numbers are increasing dramatically every day.  Seeing those ignorant kids in FL filling the beaches for Spring Break makes me so angry. 

The surge in cases arrived, and hospitals are having trouble keeping up with patient influx for testing and hospitalization.  Their supplies are very limited and soon all protective gear will be gone and ventilators are already down to just a few in most NYC hospitals.   

Our children are adults and parents, and they are now worried about us because of our age.  Last evening they asked us to stop our walks until we see what is happening.  I can do it, my husband less so.  I will miss drawing on my walks! 

This drawing was done at Canine Styles -part of my window shopping series -  the dogs are standing in artificial snow.


March 14, 2020

Drawing at Museum Exhibits February 2020

On Thursday March 12th New York City began a shut down due to the community spread of Coronavirus.  The period of containment was over and as early as March 2nd we knew that a 50 year old patient in Westchester, with no history of travel or exposure to known COVID 19 patients, was evidence that we now had community spread of the virus and were in the beginning of an epidemic here in the US.  Our governments inability to prepare for this and very limited test availability has substantially increased the infection rate.

My husband and I are both retired physicians and spent our lives dealing with isolation, both to protect us and reverse isolation to protect our sickest patients.  We made a decision right then that we would begin "social distancing," at first by clearing our calendar for March and avoiding public transportation.  The deaths in China were very high for those over 65 and we are both in an even more vulnerable age group.  As these two weeks passed, we limited our time outside our apartment even more and now take short solitary daily walks for fresh air and spend the rest of the time in our apartment.  My husband walks in Central Park and I walk in our neighborhood along uncrowded streets.   

The drawings posted today were from before March 1st: from USK at the Met in the SAHEL exhibit and with a friend at the Whitney at the Vida Americana exhibit.   

Sahel at the Met:  A wonderful large sculpture



Vida Americana at the Whitney - A large wooden sculpture


Stay safe and stay healthy!  Read lots.  I do one quick drawing on each walk and don't finish it until I come home.