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A Little Bit of New York City Today

I can't wait until I resume my daily walks during the pandemic, but NYC still has a large number of new cases and deaths each day (albeit a plateau).  On this day a dog walker was waiting in front of my apartment as her partner was getting one more dog.  A few of the dogs looked right at me when I reached the door.  That day I was hoping to see 2 walkers together which might include 10-12 dogs, but didn't.  And the dogs are all walking quietly, no barking, no nipping, no squatting down and refusing to walk.  It is amazing.  Some walkers have all big dogs, others have medium-sized dogs.  It is my favorite street scene in my City. 



I don't know you but I found your website while surfing on pinterest (I like crafts a lot). I've read a few posts and I just wanted to say 'hi'. I know the situation is really difficult in NYC and I live in France where there are strict restrictions too.
Keep safe! Bon courage,

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