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February 27, 2008

The Baby Quilt is Finished


We're expecting our 5th grandchild in 3 weeks and I just finished hand quilting the baby quilt!  I used to love to hand quilt in the evening and now I spend much of the time playing with my sketchbook.  Last year Callum's baby quilt was unfinished when he was born in London 6 weeks early - so I'm pleased that I was able to meet my deadline this year.

January 4, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Blog

Two years ago today I started my blog with an entry about the 3rd silk wedding chuppah that I made for one of our children's weddings.  Since then "paper," not "threads," has dominated my blog entries.  So for the birthday celebration today I selected my favorite threads project from this December - a pillow I made for my grand daughter Sydney.  Sydney's 3rd birthday was December 20th (her baby brother's is Dec 19th!), so I wanted to make one of our birthday presents something special.  This is the same pillow that I made for my daughter, Syd's Mom, when she was a similar age.   My daughter's reaction, when the present was opened, was more than I could have asked for.  Sydney's favorite color is orange and her new bedroom will be pale pink and pale orange. 


Here is the only photo that I have of the pillow that I made for our daughter in the late 1970s:


Although I was skeptical about creating a blog and sharing my "naive sketches,"  every minute of it has been a wonderful adventure. 

Tomorrow I will post "faces" that I've sketched the last few days to convince myself that I'm serious about this 2008 Goal.



December 4, 2007

Christmas Creativity

I love making decorations at Christmas and for more than 30 years have been making Christmas Pillows and Tree Ornaments.  This year I used Procion MX dyes and black gutta and "sketched" my Santa on silk for a new pillow.  Working with paintbrushes and dye on stretched silk is not very different  than working with watercolors.


I have been making 2 dozen tree ornaments - all from the same design - every year since my children were babies.  They became presents for family, teachers, ballet teachers, coaches,  and friends.  When each of my 3 children were married, I gave them a large bag full of all of their ornaments and now also give them to our grandchildren.  Many of my Santa ornaments were sketched as part of the EDM challenge "Draw a Collection" (Santas-1, Santas-2, and Santas-3) when I first joined EDM.  This year I made pigs from hand-dyed pink cottons and 3 of them already went home with our grandchildren Henry, Sydney, and Callum for their Christmas tree.



April 25, 2007

Threads: Quilts Completed 2007

DSCN3867crop.size DSCN3869.size

I named my blog Paper and Threads because I wanted to continue quilting while enjoying sketching and painting on paper.  It seemed like a good time to upload two quilts that I finished this year.  The quilt in the above photos is a very simple 9-patch wedding quilt that was hand pieced by family and friends for my oldest son and his wife.  I then put the top together and quilted it, adding lots of hand quilting in the plain squares.  I love the fabrics that my daughter-in-law picked out and it looks fantastic draped over their sofa which is almost the same warm tan color of the border fabric.

Two years ago, I used the blue fabric from this wedding quilt to piece stars for their first baby's quilt.  The wedding quilt was in progress for several years, but the baby quilt took precedence because I wanted it to be finished in time for the baby's arrival.



This is the second quilt that I finished in 2007.  It was machine pieced and hand quilted for my grandson who was born 6 weeks prematurely in London in December 2006.  The print fabrics are all French Provencal fabrics that I also used to piece a wedding quilt for his parents and two baby quilts for his older brother and sister.  I'm catching up, but I still have one more group wedding quilt to hand quilt for my other son and his wife. 

October 12, 2006

Quilted Silk Wedding Chuppahs


Chuppah.composite copy.jpg

None of my current "threads" projects are close to being done.  I have 2 wedding quilts and one baby quilt in the process of being quilted or pieced.  And I'm hand piecing a Liberty of London quilt during this year of London travel to have a wonderful textile memory to go along with my travel sketchbooks. 

I just learned that many visitors to this blog find it because they search on images of chuppahs (as I once did when I started thinking about this project when my first child was married).  The images previously posted all show them suspended at the wedding ceremonies of my 3 children.  Here are photos of all 3 showing the actual design.  They are all 6 feet square and made from hand-dyed crepe de chine that I made using procion MX dyes.  They are hand quilted using silk thread.  The yellow/pink chuppah was made using a wax resist.  The blue chuppah is machine appliqued using many individually dyed fabrics, and the autumn leaves chuppah was drawn with a commercial silk resist from Prochem and painted with dyes using watercolor methods.  

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