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Every Day in May - 17

I made these 3 bears for my children when they were babies and they are well worn.  I forgot that I had them until this weekend when I was looking for a dress I made for my daughter to see if her daughter could wear it (Sydney is too tall) and found the bears.  I gave Sydney the one from her Mom and will deliver the boys' bears to them so their children can play with them. 




So cute ! Lovely sketch. I bet everyone will be happy to get them !

Absolutely adorable and cheerful! Lucky grandchildren!

Cute drawing. Now you've got that in case the grandkids wear out the rest of the bears!

Oh, these are so adorable! I tried to make stuffed animals too, but mine always turn out total freaks! :D
I'm sure they're gonna love them!

Awwwwww...they are so adorable! =) Wow Shirley I wonder if I am able to make toys for my kids in the future, but it makes me want to learn to do something cute like that too.

You have so many different talents, Shirley! Lucky grandchildren!

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