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Every Day in May - 14

I finally finished the book inspired by Gwen Diehn's book on Darwin.  Hers was really small.  The ones that our Journal Study Group made are 3" X 5". 


Here is the cover of mine.


This book has two concertinas, one that makes up the spine and end papers of the book and a second one that makes the pages.  The concertinas are stitched together with a 3 hole pamphlet stitch.  The spine of the book is then held closed with one stick which goes through 3 tabs - two on the front cover and one on the back.

These are the pages that I created using stamps I made from figures I sketched at the Society of Illustrators figure drawing sessions this spring. 

End paper on the left and page 1:


Pages 2 and 3:


Pages 4 and 5:



Pages 6 and 7:


Page 8 and End Paper:


When the stick is removed, the spine can be opened to reveal a hidden image.  This is a stamp that I made from my painting of mother and child - inspired by a Henry Moore sculpture.



I absolutely love it! The stamp-art is first of all, gorgeous! And I don't think a lot of people are able to say something like "Oh yeah, I drew that book, and made it myself" It's just phenomenal!

Beautiful book.

These are beautiful!

It's just spectacular! I love all the stamped images you made, and the book itself is wonderful. nancy

This book is a stunning work of art! I'm so impressed by your stamps--the way you simplified down to such interesting shapes and lines and the wonderful colors you used to print them. Did you use rubber stamp ink or paint? Are these all journals you made or were some made by your journal group? The binding design is really cool.

Wow, this is so cool! I Love the book, contents, binding and all!

Wow, Shirley, this is so beautiful. The stamps, the colors, the binding—everything.

So Creative, and to think you "Wasted" so much time as a Doctor (tongue in cheek)

You have created a treasure! So completely beautiful.

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