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November 1, 2013

Greetings From Quilt Festival

I am currently at the 39th Annual International Quilt Festival at the Houston Convention Center - one of my favorite trips each year.  When I went for the first time, it was held in the old Shamrock Hilton Hotel.  It now fills this entire space.


There are more than 1100 vendor booths - this is a photo I took of a small portion of the vendor floor from a window on the second floor. 


Non-quilters may be surprised at the direction that quilting has taken from the days of quilting frames and scraps of old clothing.  This is a prize-winning group quilt made by the 3 artists photographed in front of it.


I take several classes - there are more than 350 classes this year given by over 100 teachers.  But I also meet friends and make new friends.

Raena, a virtual friend from the online Everyday Matters art group met me there two years in a row for our very own sketchcrawl. 


And Roz, who I met standing in front of Susan Shie's Obama Quilt in 2008, drops by every year for a quick walk around the exhibits.  And has even visited me in New York City!


Last year we were trapped in New York City due to Hurricane Sandy.    I started attending Quilt Festival in 1983 when I was living in Texas and have only missed 2 in all those years - 1984 and 2012.  The category named "Threads" on the right side of my blog details my work as a textile lover!

I'll be back next week! 

May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

I hope that Mothers everywhere had a wonderful Mothers' Day. 

Being a mother makes me so happy, and being a grandmother is equally wonderful. We have 3 adult children who we adore, and now 8 grandchildren (ages 7 mos to 9). 


Our youngest child, Rachel, stayed at home to raise her 3 children after graduating from Columbia College and Columbia Business School.  When her youngest child started kindergarten, she started plans for a new business for online consignment and sale of designer furniture and home decor.  That business is now fully launched and we are all so proud of her.   

Please look at the website for Viyet and see what amazing things you can buy for your home or apartment - and you can now have it shipped throughout the United States.  Even if you are not ready to buy furniture, just look at the wonderful photography and enjoy the designs.

This weekend my husband and I cared for our youngest grandchild, and having him here over Mother's Day was a very special treat.  I got to give him his "just finished" hand quilted baby quilt, and yesterday we spent the afternoon walking him around Central Park.  The quilt colors were selected to match the colors in his room!



He seemed to like it! 


Taking care of a 7 month old Friday-Sunday while his Dad (in the gray shirt), Mom, and two big brothers went to Florida, meant that I had no time to finish my sketches.  I worked on a page of his favorite "chew toys," but never finished painting it.  But we had a wonderful time and my sketchbook will wait for another day!

December 18, 2012

Christmas Ornament Paintings - 2

Last week I posted some pages of a watercolor book that I'm creating to document my handmade Christmas ornaments.  I've been making them every year for 30+ years and decided that it would be fun to have a book full of paintings of them.  Here are 3 more pages.

The dove was made out of a piece of lace from my wedding dress and hopefully will be passed down by my daughter to her daughter.



The two red cats are actually red embroidery, outline stitch, on white fabric.


I smocked the eyelet on the cuff of the stocking on the top right.


                   At last count, there are 124 ornaments made by me on our tree.


December 4, 2012

The Elves Are Still Working Here

Last Spring two of my Grandsons asked me to make them Minky blankets.  Robbie, on the left, had a soft blanket that no longer reached from his toes to his chin.  Since then I made one for Callum, Annabelle, and Sydney - using a variety of Minky colors and prints.


After making each double-sided blanket, I had variable width strips of Minky that I just couldn't throw away.  So I ordered 12 x 16" pillow inserts and made matching pillows for each of them as part of their Christmas present. 


I also made a "giraffe-print" blanket and matching pillow for William, who will be one this month.  And I had enough leftover lime green to make a small baby blanket for Charlie who was born in September.  I spent all day at the sewing machine making 7 pillows and two blankets.  Happy time!


December 1, 2012

T'is That Time of Year

I spend more time in my studio this month than any other time of the year.  Although I store art supplies and bookbinding supplies in there, it is really set up for textile arts.  I see photos of amazing studios in magazines, but I'm thrilled to have even the smallest place that is all mine in an apartment in New York City.


This space measures 7'3" by 9'9" on the blueprint, but those measurements are before the furniture and bookcases/cabinets were added.  Every inch is filled and most times I can find whatever I need for a project.  When this photo was taken, I was pulling scraps of Christmas fabrics from the green storage box that is in the front left, and making ornaments and stockings. 

This is the fabric ornament that I painted and posted in my last blog post.  It is machine appliqued and quilted.


Today I finished 16 of the Santa tree ornaments - to be given to our children, grandchildren, and some friends.


The last two days I also made large Christmas stockings for our two grandsons that were born in the last year.  Each of their brothers and sisters have the same stockings, with different designs, that we use here in our home on Christmas Eve.

For Charlie, who will be 3 months old by Christmas:


And for William, who will be one year old on December 18th.


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