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February 20, 2010

EDM Challenges #258-261

I still enjoy completing the EDM Challenges because they take me out of my comfort zone and help me decide what I should draw/paint for at least one of my daily sketches each week.  However, I regularly complete them 1-2 weeks after the challenge was published, as I try to settle on a specific image.  This time it was Challenge # 259: Draw a view from your pet's perspective.  We don't have a pet!

Challenge #258: Draw your closet

I sketched one half of my clothes closet.  We live in an apartment building in New York City - with the types of closets that were popular in 1926, i.e. no walk-in closets.  However, we are luckier than one of our sons who lives in a house from the late 1800s in Capitol Hill, Washington DC.  They have only a single closet in the original house and rely on armoires as in the past.  Here is my sliding door clothes closet (part of a post-1926 renovation), with only half exposed.



Challenge #259: Draw a view from your pet's perspective.

Although we don't have pets, I realized that my 5 month old grandson spends his days being moved from one place to another by the grown-ups in his life.  And he has a limited view from some of these spots, much like a pet.  It took me longest to decide how to answer this challenge.  Here is 5 month old Zachary's aquarium view when he is in his bouncey seat.


Challenge #260:  Draw your suitcase packed for a trip

This is my small suitcase that I take away for short train or car trips, but it is not yet packed for my March trip to Washington DC.


Challenge #261:  Draw an Olympic Event

Although the ice skating events are my favorite, I really love the "soaring" ski jumpers, with their extremely clean lines. 


January 26, 2010

EDM Challenges #255-257

I haven't scanned the last 3 EDM challenges, yet. 

EDM Challenge #255:  Draw the Person Sitting Next to You on Bus, Train, Airplane

The best I could do was to draw the person sitting across from me, at the Society of Illustrators, waiting for the live figure drawing session to begin.  He was reading and therefore didn't know I quickly sketched him. 


EDM Challenge #256:  Draw Something Bubbly

There was a huge Kandinsky exhibit at the Guggenheim, and I was inspired by one of his paintings to draw these bubbly-looking circles.



EDM Challenge # 257:  Draw a Houseplant

This bamboo plant was a gift from students to my husband, and I'm amazed at how big these plants can grow from this tiny ceramic container and only water. 


December 29, 2009

Four EDM Challenges and One Daily Journal Page

My days were full the month before Christmas, with Holiday preparation and activities, and Kate's wonderful Artist's Journal Class.  I still love completing EDM Challenges, but had enough art to do each day without them.  So here are 4 that I wanted to post before the end of the year (#250, 251, 253, 254).  The only one I completed during the week it was assigned was "Draw a Pine,"     (#252)and that was possible because I brought home a pine bough from the Christmas Tree lot where we bought our Christmas tree. 

EDM #250:  Draw Something You Got for Free

I received a Christmas t-shirt last year when I made other purchases, and this is the embroidered design on the front.


EDM #251:  Draw a Perfume or Perfume Product

This is my absolute favorite body cream and I need to use it daily during the winter months.


EDM #253:  Draw a Sock

This is one from a pair of Christmas knee socks which I haven't worn in more than 15 years.  Why do I still have them??


#254:  Draw Something Joyful

We had almost 11 inches of snow last week and my husband and I walked into Central Park by 8AM to enjoy it.  I love to be out in the snow and couldn't wait to bundle up and explore our area of the Park.  This drawing is of my husband in his sheepskin coat and mittens.  I still draw and paint family members from the back ONLY!  And I love how recognizeable they are!


Yesterday I took care of two of my grandchildren in the morning and then went to W57th Street area to see the fabulous Bergdorf Goodman Holiday windows.  They are really not to be believed!  This composite page has the reindeer design from Zach's pjs that I put in his Christmas stocking and one of the very small paper cutouts from a Christmas window in the jewelry display.



December 16, 2009

Christmas Preparations

On Monday we bought our Christmas Tree and I picked up a pine bough for EDM Challenge #252.  I was able to really study the way that the needles grew from the branch, and on this one there were 5 long needles from each little knob along the it.  Fascinating!!  I used my rigger brush and both tube watercolors and paint removed from the tip of my watercolor pencil.


Two of my grandchildren have birthdays this week, making the holiday schedule even more complicated.  Long time readers of  this blog may remember our frantic dash to London when Callum arrived 6 weeks early - and one day before Sydney's 2nd birthday.

 Tonight I'm taking my daughter, and Sydney to their first NY City Ballet production of The Nutcracker for her birthday.  My mother, Sydney's great grandmother, gave me a a small silver bracelet to give to her to wear to Lincoln Center.  We are very excited!



December 1, 2009

EDM #248 (Lock) and #249 (Coffee Pot)

Here are two EDM Challenges from several weeks ago.  One of my art goals for 2009 was to draw the EDM Challenges weekly, but I'm not as diligent as I was in years past.  I never did several of them, and seem to be late posting them more frequently. 

Here is my husband's lock for his gym locker and I think the only "coffee pot" among many in our apartment that I haven't drawn and painted previously.  This is a one mug Melitta coffee filter - which makes an acceptable cup of filtered French Roast coffee.

Now on to #250 and 251....