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EDM Challenges #258-261

I still enjoy completing the EDM Challenges because they take me out of my comfort zone and help me decide what I should draw/paint for at least one of my daily sketches each week.  However, I regularly complete them 1-2 weeks after the challenge was published, as I try to settle on a specific image.  This time it was Challenge # 259: Draw a view from your pet's perspective.  We don't have a pet!

Challenge #258: Draw your closet

I sketched one half of my clothes closet.  We live in an apartment building in New York City - with the types of closets that were popular in 1926, i.e. no walk-in closets.  However, we are luckier than one of our sons who lives in a house from the late 1800s in Capitol Hill, Washington DC.  They have only a single closet in the original house and rely on armoires as in the past.  Here is my sliding door clothes closet (part of a post-1926 renovation), with only half exposed.



Challenge #259: Draw a view from your pet's perspective.

Although we don't have pets, I realized that my 5 month old grandson spends his days being moved from one place to another by the grown-ups in his life.  And he has a limited view from some of these spots, much like a pet.  It took me longest to decide how to answer this challenge.  Here is 5 month old Zachary's aquarium view when he is in his bouncey seat.


Challenge #260:  Draw your suitcase packed for a trip

This is my small suitcase that I take away for short train or car trips, but it is not yet packed for my March trip to Washington DC.


Challenge #261:  Draw an Olympic Event

Although the ice skating events are my favorite, I really love the "soaring" ski jumpers, with their extremely clean lines. 



Those are very nice. I love the view from the bouncy seat and the skier.

Great stuff.
Do you colour coordinate your clothes too?

I really like your closet, and the ski jumper! They're all wonderful sketches!

Great pages! Love your sketches from the Met too!

These are all wonderful sketches. Nicely done.

These are all really very nicely done! You have a nice, light touch with the watercolors, and your sketches are lovely. nancy

Ah - what a beautiful collection of drawings - I love your blog, but for some reason I haven't been around in a while. This was a treat!

Great sketches for the challenges. The "pet's view" one is a really good take on the subject. Looks like a great closet to me.

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