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November 15, 2007

EDM Challenge #144: Draw a Square


It was difficult for me to find something square in my apartment.  I have a kitchen timer and a square alarm clock, but I kept looking for something else.  Then I found an old 3 1/2" computer disk and disk holder - near my stash of transparent tape which is in a square red package.   In this age of CDs, DVDs, and flash drives, I haven't carried computer files on a diskette in more than 2 years, so I sketched the diskette as a ghost. 

October 30, 2007

EDM Challenges #142 (HOT) and 143 (SPICES)


EDM Challenge #142:  Draw Something Hot:

When I looked for something "hot" all I had to do was look at the small burns on my fingers.  I toast English muffins and bagels in a toaster oven daily - and as often as I remind myself that all parts of the appliance are HOT, I burn a finger or two! 


EDM Challenge #143:  Draw Spices or Herbs

I love cinnamon, even mixed in with my vanilla ice cream.  And I love anise - and the fascinating shape of star anise.  So it wasn't very difficult for me to quickly find spices for sketching.


October 22, 2007

EDM Challenge #141: Draw Bristles


We have accumulated many unused Virgin Atlantic travel toothbrushes from our trips between London and New York last year.  They are all in the cabinet in our guest bathroom in case one of our guests forgets a toothbrush.  I love the many colors - and the toothbrush was always accompanied by travel socks and one pen in the same color in the travel pouch. 

October 17, 2007

EDM Challenge #140: Draw an Envelope


During our year of London Travel, I filled 3 Cachet Linen spiral watercolor sketchbooks.  I love having the envelope in the back of Moleskine notebooks and quickly realized that I needed to find and buy large envelopes to glue on the inside of the back cover of these sketchbooks.  As we traveled around London, I collected a few postcards from Museum exhibits so I could have inspiration for future drawings.  The postcard that I laid across this envelope, on the inner cover of London #2, is from the Royal Academy of Art Rodin exhibit.   

Here is my sketch from the postcard.  The writing on the page from January 7th says "sketched on a 747 somewhere between London and New York." 



October 8, 2007

EDM Challenge #139: Draw Something with a Handle


This is a ship lantern that we purchased on Rue Jacob, Paris, in an antique store specialing in nautical objects.   Many times over the last 2 years I almost sketched it just because I like it so much and see it every day.  This challenge made it the perfect choice.  We had it hanging in our home in Texas, but it now just sits on a surface in our dining room in our New York apartment.