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EDM Challenges #255-257

I haven't scanned the last 3 EDM challenges, yet. 

EDM Challenge #255:  Draw the Person Sitting Next to You on Bus, Train, Airplane

The best I could do was to draw the person sitting across from me, at the Society of Illustrators, waiting for the live figure drawing session to begin.  He was reading and therefore didn't know I quickly sketched him. 


EDM Challenge #256:  Draw Something Bubbly

There was a huge Kandinsky exhibit at the Guggenheim, and I was inspired by one of his paintings to draw these bubbly-looking circles.



EDM Challenge # 257:  Draw a Houseplant

This bamboo plant was a gift from students to my husband, and I'm amazed at how big these plants can grow from this tiny ceramic container and only water. 



Nice sketches. I like the first one a lot! I find it difficult to draw portraits when I face people! And your "bubbles" are quite original !

Shirley - what's a Double Discovery class? And, love your sketches and use of watercolor in them.

Three very cool sketches. Good for you for being willing to challenge yourself. Bravo! nancy

I just happened to have drawn a bamboo plant the other day - so I know what you went through to draw it! Keeping those leaves straight had my eyes twisting in their sockets! Anyway, you're doing great! I've always cheated with the challenges somewhat - done the drawing and then see where it fits. Guess I've been lazy. Someday I have to go back and start at one, I guess.. Love the bubbles the best!

I'm a huge fan of Kandinsky, it was a nice interpretation of the challenge.

Nice sketches all of them. I expecially like the bubbles, very cool!

These are great - you really caught that man's absorbtion in his book.

These are great drawings. Love your style- the way you have drawn and colored them.

Wonderful sketches! I really like your Kandinsky inspired bubbles!

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