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November 9, 2009

EDM Challenges #246 and 247

EDM Challenge #246:  Draw a Pair of Gloves: 

I love my black shearling mittens, especially when it is really cold in New York City.  But they just looked like two black blobs on my journal page, so I sketched my black leather gloves instead.


EDM Challenge #247:  Draw Something Creepy

Approximately once each year our local TV channel shows footage from surveillance cameras in fast food restaurants - and after the restaurant is closed, the camera captures the image of rats in the kitchen.  It really creeps me out - and also makes sure that I never visit that fast food chain - because of course I can't remember which branch it was in this big city.



October 24, 2009

EDM Challenge: Draw What You Think of When You Hear the Word October

Six years ago, when our first grandchild was born, I bought a very small Halloween book from the holiday table at Barnes and Noble.  It is shaped like this pumpkin, outlined in black, and the front cover is made from very soft velour and then stuffed.  It is a favorite with each one of our grandchildren - probably based on size, texture, color and a very simple story of children "trick or treating."  It remains in our book cabinet all year and is enjoyed by them regardless of the season.  The bat, witch's hat, black cat, and ghost are images I sketched from the book illustrations.  The vertical black lines are another experiment in varying the backgrounds of my drawings

I don't know what number this EDM Challenge is - #245 or 246 depending on whether the Free Choice last week was assigned a number. 



October 13, 2009

EDM Challenge #244: Draw the Oldest Thing in Your Refrigerator

Procion MX Dye Stock Solutions:


I use Procion MX dyes to "paint" cotton and silk and keep the primary color stock solutions (plus black) in the refrigerator - tightly capped and way in the back on a bottom shelf.   I made this batch two years ago and put them away to use again.  But for a variety of reasons, I haven't dyed another piece of cloth since then - and forgot about them.

I'm off to the Houston Quilt Festival tomorrow morning, to learn more surface design techniques and have a mini-vacation.  This is the 35th anniversary of Festival and my 25th year as a registrant.   My sketchbook will go with me and hopefully I'll at least have some sketches of conference participants in their colorful clothes when I come home. 

October 3, 2009

Recent EDM Challenges

I was very lazy about doing EDM Challenges last month and even worse about uploading them to my blog.  I finally decided to post them all at once - and catch up.  One of my annual art goals is to complete each weekly sketch because it:

1. Gives me a subject for one of my daily sketches each week.

2. Stretches my drawing and painting skills.  

 EDM Challenges #238 - Draw Your First Aid Kit - and #239 - Draw What Has Scared You

My husband and I are both physicians so we have First Aid items in random places in our apartment.  When thinking about this challenge, I immediately remembered my Aircasts - one for my right ankle and one for my left ankle.  I had two very serious ankle sprains due to mis-steps and the use of an aircast allowed me to walk within 24-48 hours and continue to heal during 3-4 months each time.  I live in a City where walking is really essential - my car is parked 3 blocks away from our apartment and the nearest bus and subway stop are both one long block away each.  I was really scared after my first serious ankle injury after moving back to Manhattan, because I realized how easily I could be apartment-bound.


EDM Challenge #240: My Favorite Pencils 


EDM Challenge #241:  Draw the View from Your Kitchen Window

This is my usual view - a beautiful stained glass window approximately 15 feet away, with lovely concerts that I can enjoy when both of our windows are open.


This is my current view.  There is work being done on our apartment building and there is a scaffold below the church window and a board protecting it.  I miss it!


EDM Challenge #242:  Draw a Favorite Tchatzkah 

I could find nothing around our apartment except my figure drawing mannequin.  I collect books and fabric and try to keep  tchatzkahs to a minimum.



EDM Challenge #243: Draw a Pillow

I love fabric and frequently bring back an interesting piece when we travel.  This is a pillow that I made with a piece of Fortuny fabric that I bought in Venice.  The fabric has an overall design of lions - only one of which I sketched.



August 22, 2009

EDM Challenge #237: Under the Bed

In Manhattan apartments, there are whole organizational systems created for under bed storage.  But we've resisted so far and I have only 2 items under our bed.

My First Briefcase:  I bought this brown leather briefcase at Frost Brothers department store in San Antonio Texas in the late 70s and used it for many years while traveling back and forth to the Hospital.  When we moved to New York City in the early 90s, I found that a large leather bookbag with shoulder straps made it easier to walk between our apartment and my car, so my briefcase remained in my office 99% of the time.  When I retired in July I almost gave it away.  This was a great opportunity to create a memory drawing.  For now it will remain under our bed in a storage container.


My New Papercutter:  When I took a bookbinding class last year I worried about my ability to cut Davey board at home without the wonderful commercial papercutter that was in the Studio.  I traveled around our neighborhood - from places like Kinkos to Staples - trying out their copy center papercutters on my sample of the book board.  This X-acto paper cutter was the winner.  I have used it to cleanly cut book boards for 10 watercolor journals and keep it under the bed in its original box for safety and storage.