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July 2, 2009

EDM Challenge #229: Summer Joy

The few days surrounding Retirement Day were so busy that I'm finally able to post EDM Challenge #229 - Joys of Summer - just as we leave Manhattan for a "beach weekend."   For those in the US, have a wonderful, safe Holiday and draw and paint lots for all of us to see.  Be back next week with more journal pages about our long, early morning walks on the beach. 



June 12, 2009

EDM Challenge #227 + other Journal Pages


This is a drawing of my tote/book bag that I use for work.  It is made of a heavy canvas and has one zipper pocket and two mesh side pockets - one of which always contains my umbrella.  It is black and I decided to draw it with a Pilot Varsity pen and then brush water over the non-permanent ink.  I just felt like playing!

Tuesday was my birthday.  I spent the day in New Jersey with my 90 year old mother and then returned to Manhattan to have dinner with my husband and oldest grandchild.  Henry graduated from kindergarten last Friday - and came to stay with us -across the Park - for a few days because his siblings were still in pre-school each day.  We had a wonderful dinner at Naples 45 and then as we were walking back to the entrance at Grand Central Station, I took a photo of Henry and my husband carrying the left over pizza.

After getting Henry into bed, I only had enough energy to sketch some 90 second pose maniac figures - this time in different colored pencils,


The next evening I sketched from the photo.


I am currently doing a countdown until I retire - 40 years after I started my first full time job!  I have only 7 more work days - scattered over the next 2+ weeks!

June 7, 2009

EDM Challenges 225 (Sticky) and 226 (A Screw)


As a Grandmother of 5, ages 1-5, sticky to me means lollipops or melting ice pops.  This was one  just waiting for Callum to want/need it.  I'm told that Dylan's Candy Bar in Manhattan is amazing!


My husband is a Do-It-Yourself guy who can fix anything.  It was really easy for him to produce screws of almost any type or length for me to draw.

May 20, 2009

Every Day in May - Days 18 and 19


My schedule is currently out of control and I'm trying to catch up with posting.  These were quick sketches from May 18th and 19th.

My Flash Drive - the amazing thing that allows me to carry all of my files from home to the office and back.  On Monday I was preparing the final med student exam and used this little guy all day!



EDM Challenge #224:  A Pitcher

This is such a cheerful rooster pitcher that I keep it on a kitchen shelf.  I'm not sure that he has ever been used!



Yikes - my book group is arriving in 20 minutes to discuss The Egyptologist by Arthur Phillips.

May 16, 2009

Every Day in May - 15 EDM Challenge #223


This was a difficult challenge for me.  I could think of lots of sounds I really like (my grandchildrens' belly laughs!), but nothing I wanted to draw or could draw.  I could also think of lots of sounds I don't like.  After several days, I realized that one specific tape I made for my original old Sony Walkman got me through many long airplane trips and could still relax me instantly.

We took our children to see the musical Cats the first year it opened on Broadway and I loved Rum Tum Tugger's performance by Terrence Mann.  Several years later we saw Les Miserables where he originated the part of Javert on Broadway and sang the song "Stars".  Then he made another performance in Scarlet Pimperal and was the first Broadway Beast in Beauty and the Beast.  I love his voice and recorded his songs from these show albums for my Walkman. 

I stopped using my Walkman in the last few years, mainly due to the extreme limitation on size of carry on luggage (especially when we were traveling back and forth to London in 2006-07) and my need to carry my camera and charger, and art supplies, sketchbooks, etc in my carry-on bag.  I'm not someone who wants an iPOD in my ears all day long so I never spent time trying to recreate this music selection.  It may be time for me to learn about "itunes".