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EDM Challenge #140: Draw an Envelope


During our year of London Travel, I filled 3 Cachet Linen spiral watercolor sketchbooks.  I love having the envelope in the back of Moleskine notebooks and quickly realized that I needed to find and buy large envelopes to glue on the inside of the back cover of these sketchbooks.  As we traveled around London, I collected a few postcards from Museum exhibits so I could have inspiration for future drawings.  The postcard that I laid across this envelope, on the inner cover of London #2, is from the Royal Academy of Art Rodin exhibit.   

Here is my sketch from the postcard.  The writing on the page from January 7th says "sketched on a 747 somewhere between London and New York." 




Hi Shirley, Thanks for your comment in my blog, I feel much more positive about my drawing now!That's a really good idea you have for collecting bits and pieces in your sketchbook.

Shirley -- your figures are so charming and just right on -- they're expressive,well done, and just plain beautiful! And your envy too!

Great drawings of both envelope and postcard. What a good idea too, about gluing an envelope to the sketchbook.

What an interesting envelope Shirley but I especially like the addition of the postcard-that is really a wonderful image.

As Lin said, Shirley, very expressive! I don't miss faces...very nice motion and feeling in these figures...

Nicely done. I like that idea of the envelope glued to the inside cover for postcards. I'm always picking up stuff like that for inspiration. Thanks for the idea!

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