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EDM Challenge #144: Draw a Square


It was difficult for me to find something square in my apartment.  I have a kitchen timer and a square alarm clock, but I kept looking for something else.  Then I found an old 3 1/2" computer disk and disk holder - near my stash of transparent tape which is in a square red package.   In this age of CDs, DVDs, and flash drives, I haven't carried computer files on a diskette in more than 2 years, so I sketched the diskette as a ghost. 


Great to see the diskettes again. Lots of work memories.
Lots of love from susan in Australia

NEAT JOB, Shirley!!! I STILL haven't found anything square!! Nice job too of finding something different!

i really like the ghost diskette, great idea!

Great idea to do the disquette as a "ghost". Pretty soon wel'll have more tech things to add as "ghosts"..

I love your interpetation of this challenge. The colors are striking...my favorite of course! I too love how you made the disk a ghost...love stopping by to see what you are up to!

I very much like the color. Thanks for bringing a 'ghost' back to our attention.

Wonderful sketch, Shirley - your composition is perfect. And I love the ghost idea as well!

Great idea with the "ghost"!!! Nice sketch of it too. Fun.

I like it ~~~ the painting is so beautiful

That's so funny about the ghost! Isn't it odd how few square things there are...I wonder why? Very nice drawing though -- I like all the red.

I like how you sketched the disk as a ghost. :) Nicely done challenge.

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