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EDM Challenge #141: Draw Bristles


We have accumulated many unused Virgin Atlantic travel toothbrushes from our trips between London and New York last year.  They are all in the cabinet in our guest bathroom in case one of our guests forgets a toothbrush.  I love the many colors - and the toothbrush was always accompanied by travel socks and one pen in the same color in the travel pouch. 


Nice work, Shirley :)

Cool Bristles :) I like how you've arranged these brushes in a row - it reminds me a bit of police lineups, and the idea of wayward toothbrushes had me chuckling. Fun colors here!

You have a rainbow of toothbrushes! Fun approach to the challenge. I like it.

I love how you treated this subject, Shirley. Nice transparency - and the colored shadows are great.

How FUN,and what a bright sketch. We flew Virgin Atlantic to London too and I got a giggle out of the socks and eye visor and toothbrush with teeny weeny toothpaste - Thank you for commenting on my blog and the nice comments, I would love to have visited London when you where there - What a great city. I will go back! Paris next.

hey, this is good! i have attempted drawing these toothbrushes myself but without much success. I love the composition and the shadows.

This is great, Shirley. I love how the shadows mimic the colors of the toothbrushes!

Hooray! You've taken a challenge that I turned around and ran from into a great sketch with repetition, and good color.

Great toothbrushes. Like Serena, I like the composition of putting them in a row, exactly the same, focusing on the colours and tranparencies of the boxes. Very nice!

Good work, Shirley!!I really love the various colors and the caps!

What fun! And you painted them so nicely.

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