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June 11, 2011

Two More Beach Journal Pages

Our beach week ended yesterday, and I have two more journal pages to post - both done at the end of our 2 mile early morning beach walks.  We haven't figured out why there is "feast or famine" finding shells on the beach, even when we are there around low tide. 

My husband and I LOVE walking the beach early in the morning and see only occasional dog owners and joggers during the 2 mile strolls.  We saw more crab shells like the one I posted earlier, but still can't identify it.  And we always see several skates and horseshoe crabs that have washed up.

Some sea gull feathers and a slipper shell - one of approximately a half dozen I found: Scan10921.size.jpg

This is my straw hat - with several shells from the morning walk resting on the brim. 


And a birthday photo:


I'm amazed that the sea gull's really long wings, fold up and are barely visible on the gulls.  I brought these photos home to do some summer sea gull drawings - which I find almost impossible to draw on the beach.  As soon as I walk toward them, they scurry off and as I get closer they look like a gigantic plane heading faster and faster down the runway until they are eventually airborn.




June 7, 2011

A Few Days at the Beach

My husband and I are spending a few days at the beach.  We love to take long walks on the beach early in the morning, and spend time collecting shells and learning about the variety of fish, crabs, skates, skate egg sacs etc that we see.

One of my grandsons asked me to start a shell collection for him and in the last few days I found a good selection: clam, scallop, oyster, moon snail, whelk, mussel and slipper shells. 


There were several dead horseshoe crabs, and two of these crabs that we still can't identify.  Any ideas?,


Today I painted 5 views of the largest and prettiest intact moon snail shell I found.  Now I look forward to tomorrow's walk - we never know what we shall find!



July 18, 2010

Beach Week - Part 2

These are my morning journal pages from the second half of our beach week.  Each morning we would all go for an 8AM 2+ mile walk on the beach and the 3 wives collected things that we wanted to draw/paint while walking at the surfline.  These were our beach treasures.  The shells were not very plentiful this week, in comparison to just one week ago when we we there for July 4th holiday.

Morning 4:  We found one small dead fish, one children's plastic toy fish (blue) and one toy rubber flounder covered in sand in addition to several other types of tresures.  I sketched and painted these on one journal page as we set at the Cooper's Beach Snack Shack having coffee.


Morning 5:  I found a real assortment of things and put them all together as a still life with my empty coffee cup.


Morning 6:  I found a few shells and a beautiful long gull feather from one of the brown spotted gulls.  All week we used "google" to see if we could confirm that these large gulls were actually the young ones.  Anyone know?


Departure:  We kept a vase of fresh hydrangeas from the garden, in the kitchen, all week, and I finally decided that I needed to end my beach sketchbook pages with a painting of them.


July 14, 2010

Beach Week - Part 1

We are at the beach this week with friends - who we met in the 1960s.  There are early morning beach walks, afternoon pool swimming, and lovely dinners on the house patio.  Three of us sketch together, so we are creating visual journal pages and having great fun doing "labs" from Carla Sonheim's new book entitled Drawing Lab.

These are the visual journal pages from Mon-Wed.  Mon and Tues we went to the beach.  This morning we had a huge thunderstorm just as we were leaving and we spent the morning in the sunroom identifying bugs.

I'm taking photos of my journal instead of scanning the pages, so even the white bacground is slightly blue....





July 7, 2010

Holiday Weekend at the Beach


We just returned from a Holiday weekend with our children and their children.  This is the first photo that we have of all 6 grandchildren this year - and I'm thrilled to have a new one.

I sketched every day in my summer watercolor journal - in which I try to paint something that will help me remember the day.  Here are 4 pages.

 Blue Mussel Shells:  I bought a wonderful laminated shell identification card which Callum calls "the map" and we tried to ID shells that I brought home from our beach walks. 


Our 3 and 4 year old grandsons made great progress "swimming" this weekend and spent lots of time going back and forth between their parents and the wall without floaties.  This is a pair of goggles that were abandoned on my chaise while I was watching them.


We waited for our car AC to have freon added and I was sitting next to this planter and flag - which looked especially forlorn after the holiday was over.


I take sea gull pictures each time we walk on the beach.  These are several drawings of one gull from those photos.



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