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My husband and I love early morning beachwalks and I spend my time, while walking, learning about the changing ocean, sand, shells, and creatures.   It is even more fun when our friends visit for a week because they can help identify some of the creatures brought in with the tides. 

I found almost a dozen sea robin fish skulls over the last several years, but this year found this very interesting 3.5 x 2.5 inch skull right at the surfline.  There is a very small black shell trapped within making it seem likely to be from the ocean.  We searched all animal skull images with sagittal crests on the web and found one identical image  - uploaded by someone who also couldn't identfy it.  Since then we sent the photo to a bird watcher, a veterinarian, and a  reptile/amphibian expert, but we still don't have an answer.




I also found 2 dead Portuguese Men of War.  Jeff needed to identify them for me - I've never seen one dead or alive in the ocean or on the beach.




Thanks for sharing. I loved the Portugese man of war - how neat to see one, even if it was dead. We only have very small jelly fish here.

You might try Cornell


They have been very helpful to me with any and all bird questions.

Fascinating find!

Hi, Shirley,
Really enjoyed seeing your beach finds!

My SIL also suggested that you might call the Museum of Natural History and ask for their help. The expert (at Cornell) whose name she gave me is at least 85 years old... might be leading a trip to Antarctica [again]... I'm still hoping for a reply from him!

A brain teaser while at the beach. Enjoy.

Yes, the Portuguese Man o War are beautiful, and are often washed up on the beach in front of the studio here on the SE coast of Florida.
You definitely do not want to meet one of these while swimming or diving. They have a nasty sting and can slightly paralyze.

. Nice watercolors!

Hi! I know this post is from 2011 but I'm wondering if you ever found out what kind of skull this is. My son found the exact same skull on the beach in Branford, Connecticut. We brought it to Peabody Museum and have searched extensively on the internet to no avail. If you have ever found what it is, we would love to know!

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