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June 7, 2014

Beach and Flowers

We are at the end of our beach vacation, and I have several more daily sketchbook pages and two exercises from a Craftsy Class I am taking with one of my friends while we relax in the house.

Some Drawings From Our Local Fish Store:  More buoys, a swordfish sculpture above the door, and one fish from a series painted across the front, right under the roof edge.


Morning Breakfast at the Beach Snack Shack:  My friend Renee across the table.  



More Shells:  A small oyster shell, a slightly chipped scallop shell, and my first (broken) Channeled Whelk Shell.


I bought the Craftsy" Painting Watercolor Flowers" class with Mary Murphy so Sara and I could watch the lessons and paint together during afternoons.  Here are two exercises - a value chart and rose in one and very wet-in-wet "fantasy" flowers in the other. 




June 3, 2014

Beach Week

I LOVE our early morning beach walks with two other couples.  We walk one mile from our starting point and then turn around and walk one mile back.  On weekdays we can have breakfast at the Snack Shack and sketch, paint, and talk.  During our walks I constantly look for shells, and I'm surprised at the variation of shells and other things we find on the beach, which changes from year to year.  Last year we learned about sand collars - mucus/sand 8" diameter flat structures made by moon snails and under which moon snails lay their eggs.   This year moon snails of medium to large size are everywhere, but there are NO scallop shells.  However, I found 3 whelk shells - two new varieties - which are definitely unusual.



Our local fish store has several walls of bouys which hang on picket fences in front of the entrance.  I love the variation in shapes and colors 




May 30, 2014

First Beach Visit - 2014

We arrived on a cold, windy, drizzly day - and since then had two glorious morning walks on the beach.  This is our 6th annual visit with 4 of our friends that we've known since 1967!  We take 2+ mile walks on the beach each morning, do a little shopping for dinner, relax reading, drawing, painting, swimming - and then spend quiet evenings in the house most days doing a variety of different activities.  TOTAL RELAXATION!

Here is my husband arriving on the sand for our first beach walk of the season, followed by two photos of the beautiful beach.  It was 47 degrees at 6AM each day and barely over 50 when we arrived at the beach!





I made a new sketchbook for our summer beach visits and this is part of the title page - which also has all of my contact information in case it gets lost.  This is my current palette and one of several sea gulls I painted on the title page. 


After our walk, we have coffee and breakfast at the snack shop on the beach and relax in the warm sun.  These are the two sketchbook pages I did there- one per morning. 



All pages are photographed, not scanned, while here at the beach.   Just picture them with nice white backgrounds!

October 12, 2013

Obsessed with Sea Gulls

I love watching the sea gulls during our beach walks, and take lots of photos to document their size, coloration, and movements during take-off and landing.  This sea gull was drawn on the first page of my summer beach sketchbook.  Wish I knew why some birds have that red spot on their beak.


These are gulls photographed during our last visit to the beach for this year, and all were drawn and painted from photos that I took during takeoff and landing.  I love to watch them run on the sand for a few feet before lifting off - and then gliding in after one big circular path over the surf.



Good bye sea gulls until next summer!

August 23, 2013

Beach Weekend Sketchbook Pages

There is very little time to sketch when surrounded by 8 adults and 8 children (11 mos to 10 years).  But I combined some activities and made enough paintings to remember a wonderful weekend.

The first morning I sat with my older grandchildren while they were working on summer homework projects and sketched their favorite shoes.  I sketched Henry's new shoes, but ran out of time to paint it.



One afternoon I was watching my 11 month old grandson, and didn't want to put him down for a nap if he cried hysterically and woke his 20 month old cousin,  So I put him in his comfortable stroller and walked him around the neighborhood so he could fall asleep quietly.  I sketched his really cute, really small crocs and then picked one wild flower and two petal clusters from a hydrangea in order to see if I could reproduce the beautiful colors. 




I brought sun print paper with me for the children to try. They all learned about selecting flat objects to put on their paper and each produced a nice little print.   Five year old Annabelle asked us to take her on our 2 mile early morning beach walk the next morning and we collected some clam shells and sea gull feathers.  In general, shells were really hard to find during our daily walks.  But I decided that I wanted to see a sun print from a small feather and here it is.



I have a few more half-finished pages - and hopefully can finish them before the summer is over.

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