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June 27, 2010

Beach Week Daily Drawings

We were at the beach for several days in June and I never uploaded any of the daily drawings that I did.  It was an amazing week for finding shells on the beach - last year we barely found any and this year I only brought home perfect ones. 

My Straw Hat - but it was too breezy to wear it on our morning walks.


A few of my favorite types of shells - the variation in color of the moon snails and bay scallop shells is truly amazing.  I could use one shell for an example of nature's perfect color combinations each time I paint.





I love the seagulls and this was the only one we saw with this coloration.


We took a ride to the end of the South Fork to the Montauk Point Lighthouse for the first time.  It is a wonderful place for drawing and painting.



August 13, 2009

The Rest of the Beach Journal Pages

I finally added watercolor to the remaining drawings from our recent beach visit with Annabelle.  Early one morning, when we were finishing our beach walk, a plein air painting class was just beginning on the deck of the Snack Shack at Cooper's Beach.  Most appeared to be oil painters.  I watched them for several minutes, then took pictures and used the photos to recreate the images.





This was the first time that 1 year old Annabelle saw the ocean and she was very wary.  But my husband and I were able to take her for a little walk at the edge of the surf.  Her father, our son, took this picture and provided it for me to sketch for my journal page.  Someday I will need to collect together all of the sketches I've done of my family from the back.  It would be a unique portfolio....



August 8, 2009

Beach Visit With Annabelle

We just spent several days in Southampton with our youngest grandchild, Annabelle.  Our other 4 grandchildren live in Manhattan and spend lots of time with us.  Annabelle needs to figure out who we are and reestablish trust with each visit.  These are the first 3 journal pages from our visit.

When we arrived the pink hydrangeas at the house were finally in bloom and we brought one flower in to brighten an otherwise rainy Sunday.


This is Annabelle, on arrival in Southampton, sitting so nicely next to the pink hydrangea.  The circle to the left of the picture is one of the bubbles being blown as she plays with her cousins.


The following day Annabelle played with her cousin Sydney's flip-flops and I decided that these may be the only butterflies that I would see all week.  So this is my entry for EDM Challenge #235 - Draw a butterfly.


We had beautiful sunny days and after a morning walk on the neach with Annabelle, we took her to the village park and children's playground.  Wen we arrived these 4 "friends" were clustered together on the dock and I was able to rapidly sketch them before they swam off.



July 25, 2009

Back at the Beach

We're back at the beach for the weekend - enjoying our grandchildren.  I love the sea gulls and keep finding new ways to sketch them.  These were sketched with the Pilot Varsity Pen and then "painted" to get the ink to run.


I took this photo during our last visit, as we walked past a group of young children in wet suits who were waiting for their class to begin.  I thought they were so cute standing there watching the waves roll in. 


These sketchbook pages were photographed and not scanned and I can't seem to adjust the background color with Photoshop Elements.  Oh well!

July 18, 2009

Beach Visit

We spent last week in Southampton with friends that we have known for many years.  Each morning our group of 6 went for a two mile walk along the beach, enjoying the beautiful weather, watching the activity of the gulls, and collecting "treasures" to be sketched.  There were very few shells, in contrast to the same week last year.  After our walk, we sat at the Snack Shack, had breakfast, and sketched our Still life of treasures.



Clockwise:  Gull feather, skate egg sack, moon snail, crab claw, and small crab shell.






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