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A Few Days at the Beach

My husband and I are spending a few days at the beach.  We love to take long walks on the beach early in the morning, and spend time collecting shells and learning about the variety of fish, crabs, skates, skate egg sacs etc that we see.

One of my grandsons asked me to start a shell collection for him and in the last few days I found a good selection: clam, scallop, oyster, moon snail, whelk, mussel and slipper shells. 


There were several dead horseshoe crabs, and two of these crabs that we still can't identify.  Any ideas?,


Today I painted 5 views of the largest and prettiest intact moon snail shell I found.  Now I look forward to tomorrow's walk - we never know what we shall find!




That snail shell is absolutely STUNNING, Shirley...glorious shapes and colors...

beautiful job!!! the page layout is great too, I love it!

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Why can't I enlarge the photo so I can see MORE?

These are absolutely beautiful Shirley - the colours are just perfect. Can't help you to identify the crab though!

These are so beautiful! Love the soft colors.

I love your nmoon-snail sketch - almost ethereal! I have never seen crabs like that so perhaps they don't live in the UK - I hope someone manages to identify them for you.

Love the shells and crab... the sketches are wonderful, beautiful work! :)

A beautiful bit of the sea for everyone to enjoy. Looks like you're having lots of fun.

Love that drawing of the moon snail. Gorgeous!

Really good! You captured dimension really well here.

Love those shells, both painted and the real once. The paintng of them is really beautiful, well done.
For the crab, I have no idea other than it looks like a crab : )
Fantastic shell collection for your son, I bet he will be happy with them.

Shirley, Your colors and page design are beautiful. I most admire your ability to capture the swirling forms of these shells in your drawings. For some reason, that really makes me think of the snail's life snuggled inside while the waters flowed outside. Thanks for sharing. Ambal

The photographs are so well composed, and the shells are awesome =)

Your moonsnail shell is beautifully rendered. All views of it. It's going to be fun to see your seagull drawings.

The unidentified crab looks like a spider crab to me, they have that very distinct pointy nose!

The unidentified crab looks like a spider crab to me, they have that very distinct pointy nose!

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