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Sea Gulls on the Beach

I sketched and painted the sea gulls from two of the reference photos I posted here last week.  Over the summer I become obsessed with getting photos of them as they start moving away from me and then take off and fly.  Their wings are soooooo long.  Stay tuned for more photos and drawings next week as we return to the beach.


I found my next book to recycle as a Summer sketchbook.  This Summer I recycled a book called Watercolor Painting is Fun with 140 lb. Fabriano soft press watercolor paper.  My next book, purchased for $1.00 is called Gift from the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh (pub. 1955).  I scanned the cover and Table of Contents below.  Isn't it perfect for the type of journal pages that I love to create at the beach?  But before I recycle it, I need to read it!




Your seagulls are beautiful. I take so many beach pictures because I can't resist trying to capture that feeling when I am hearing the ocean and suddenly actually hear the strong wide wings of gulls taking off just ahead of me. You have really caught that essence. Beautiful picture and lovely colors.

The seagulls are lovely! I know what you mean about fast moving subjects... I'm way too slow for most animals (except our lazy cat).

Very nice! Like your seagulls very much. Anything that has to do with the sea is one of my favorite subjects. Book sounds like it is interesting.

Fantastic sketches ! Your sea gullas are so well done ! I must give them a try as I see some flying past my window, here in Brittany !

Beautifully drawn Shirley!

Good gulls! Lovely treatment! Glad you found such an appropriate book for your next journal.

So beautifully observed, Shirley! I feel as if I could touch those shells and feel their textures...

Hi your strange skull looks like a snapper or related fish species. http://www.helterskeletons.com/silk_snapper.htm

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