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Two More Beach Journal Pages

Our beach week ended yesterday, and I have two more journal pages to post - both done at the end of our 2 mile early morning beach walks.  We haven't figured out why there is "feast or famine" finding shells on the beach, even when we are there around low tide. 

My husband and I LOVE walking the beach early in the morning and see only occasional dog owners and joggers during the 2 mile strolls.  We saw more crab shells like the one I posted earlier, but still can't identify it.  And we always see several skates and horseshoe crabs that have washed up.

Some sea gull feathers and a slipper shell - one of approximately a half dozen I found: Scan10921.size.jpg

This is my straw hat - with several shells from the morning walk resting on the brim. 


And a birthday photo:


I'm amazed that the sea gull's really long wings, fold up and are barely visible on the gulls.  I brought these photos home to do some summer sea gull drawings - which I find almost impossible to draw on the beach.  As soon as I walk toward them, they scurry off and as I get closer they look like a gigantic plane heading faster and faster down the runway until they are eventually airborn.





Love the feathers and shells. You got some great reference photos of the birds. And it looks like maybe a Birthday wish should be added!

What a delightful way to spend your birthday, Shirley! I know you had a wonderful one...I can see it in your lovely sketches.

I love this picture of you!! And your hat is fabulous.

We noticed the same thing about shells -- one morning the beach was full of starfish, and the next day...nothing. I think there is a beach genie who cleans up every night.

I love how you did the feathers and some great photos too!
Happy Birthday Shirley even if it's belated!

Nice hat Shirley, my wife has one pretty similar, and also wishing you a belated Happy Birthday =) Great sketches, love the feathers..and yeah, the gulls do have long wings

Happy Birthday! We share the same birthday month-I like that. Absolutely love the bright top that you are wearing. It threw me, however, as your paintings are always so soft in color.Joy!

Happy birthday, Shirley, and your beach hat is awesome!

Lovely sketches and a great photo Shirley - what a fabulous birthday you had!

What a lovely way to spend your birthday! I love the photos and drawings you've made. Happy Birthday, and I wish you many, many, happy ones to come! nancy

beautiful sketches and photos. i really like the hat and shells!

Great pages here. I love the design and the feathers, hat and shells all came out great.

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