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EDM Challenges #246 and 247

EDM Challenge #246:  Draw a Pair of Gloves: 

I love my black shearling mittens, especially when it is really cold in New York City.  But they just looked like two black blobs on my journal page, so I sketched my black leather gloves instead.


EDM Challenge #247:  Draw Something Creepy

Approximately once each year our local TV channel shows footage from surveillance cameras in fast food restaurants - and after the restaurant is closed, the camera captures the image of rats in the kitchen.  It really creeps me out - and also makes sure that I never visit that fast food chain - because of course I can't remember which branch it was in this big city.




Beautifully drawn gloves!! :) totally love them as they look so warm in such cold season.
As for the rats, they actually look cute ^^ I am not sure, but maybe my Fiancee has a hamster, and she bought a guinea pig for a good friend of hers... so indirectly all rodents have some level of cuteness...I know rats aren't supposed to be, but your drawing is =)

Your gloves are wonderful - I can absolutely feel the texture - good job on the rats, too, who look almost friendly. But they creep me out nonetheless....

Aghhh!! Those rats! That really is creepy. Great sketch of your gloves, although I find empty gloves a bit creepy too!

Wonderful job on the gloves; they have great form! As for the rats, very creepy. I used to own restaurants and I very rarely eat at any of them. Our health inspector told us we kept our kitchen so clean you could perform surgery in it. He used to tell us the horror stories of the other restaurants. No, I don't eat out if I can help it.

The rats gave me chills. I would say that makes it a successful sketch!

Both pictures are really excellent. Love your style.

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