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EDM Challenge #244: Draw the Oldest Thing in Your Refrigerator

Procion MX Dye Stock Solutions:


I use Procion MX dyes to "paint" cotton and silk and keep the primary color stock solutions (plus black) in the refrigerator - tightly capped and way in the back on a bottom shelf.   I made this batch two years ago and put them away to use again.  But for a variety of reasons, I haven't dyed another piece of cloth since then - and forgot about them.

I'm off to the Houston Quilt Festival tomorrow morning, to learn more surface design techniques and have a mini-vacation.  This is the 35th anniversary of Festival and my 25th year as a registrant.   My sketchbook will go with me and hopefully I'll at least have some sketches of conference participants in their colorful clothes when I come home. 


Have fun, journal lots! I like what you sketched - I also tend to put things in the frig that don't look like they belong there.

Sounds like a great plan! I mean... WOW 25 years is really an achievement! Bringing your sketchbook along is definitely a plus because it then means that we'll be able to see them colorful quilts too.
Oh nice sketch of the bottles in your fridge by the way :) I wasn't sure about the "urea" part though

whew - when I saw that title on the superblog I got scared....

You have a way of taking the ordinary and turning into art. Love the composition and the colors.

I'm glad you told us a little about this, because I had no idea what "urea" was and I thought it was related to urine! LOL, glad to hear that isn't what you have in your fridge! Great sketch! Hope you have fun in Houston, I would make my way over there (would love to meet you), but I'm prepping for a family reunion of sorts for this weekend!

Great sketch. It looks so real.

your sketched bottles have lots of volume.... liquid looks real! Enjoy your quilt vacation -- sounds wonderful!

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