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Recent EDM Challenges

I was very lazy about doing EDM Challenges last month and even worse about uploading them to my blog.  I finally decided to post them all at once - and catch up.  One of my annual art goals is to complete each weekly sketch because it:

1. Gives me a subject for one of my daily sketches each week.

2. Stretches my drawing and painting skills.  

 EDM Challenges #238 - Draw Your First Aid Kit - and #239 - Draw What Has Scared You

My husband and I are both physicians so we have First Aid items in random places in our apartment.  When thinking about this challenge, I immediately remembered my Aircasts - one for my right ankle and one for my left ankle.  I had two very serious ankle sprains due to mis-steps and the use of an aircast allowed me to walk within 24-48 hours and continue to heal during 3-4 months each time.  I live in a City where walking is really essential - my car is parked 3 blocks away from our apartment and the nearest bus and subway stop are both one long block away each.  I was really scared after my first serious ankle injury after moving back to Manhattan, because I realized how easily I could be apartment-bound.


EDM Challenge #240: My Favorite Pencils 


EDM Challenge #241:  Draw the View from Your Kitchen Window

This is my usual view - a beautiful stained glass window approximately 15 feet away, with lovely concerts that I can enjoy when both of our windows are open.


This is my current view.  There is work being done on our apartment building and there is a scaffold below the church window and a board protecting it.  I miss it!


EDM Challenge #242:  Draw a Favorite Tchatzkah 

I could find nothing around our apartment except my figure drawing mannequin.  I collect books and fabric and try to keep  tchatzkahs to a minimum.



EDM Challenge #243: Draw a Pillow

I love fabric and frequently bring back an interesting piece when we travel.  This is a pillow that I made with a piece of Fortuny fabric that I bought in Venice.  The fabric has an overall design of lions - only one of which I sketched.




Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed all of them especially the polish on your toenails!

Great job on all these sketches! Those air casts look serious! scary indeed not to be able to walk.
beautiful church window -- hope it's repaired soon and you have your view back.
your fabric sketch is beautifully handled -- love the impressionistic quality of the pillow!

Beautiful drawings Shirley! I have really bad ankles myself. I used to sprain them a lot, because I played a lot of soccer and basketball, and now I even sprain them when I am just walking, and they'd be swollen for 2 weeks! .
Anyway, thanks for sharing these lovely drawings ^^ Your consistency in doing the EDM challenges is impressive!

All these sketches are great and glad you did a catch-up post! Your style is so recognizable to me, and I envy that! Never heard of air casts...hmmm. The older I get, I walk a little more carefully, too.

Wonderful sketches and like your light use of watercolors... love those feet!

You have been very busy. I enjoyed all of the sketches very much. Although I liked them all, the aircasts is my favorite.

Good Catch up Shirley - all lovely posts in their own right. I have had to do some catch up myself. Broken ankles in NYC would not be fun!!

Lovely drawings Shirley!! Very cute ones.. I love your pencils.. I noticed you like to put in a lot of pink shades into your paintings... Or did I just feel that way!!? But they give a lovely warmth to your paintings..

Wonderful sketches and what a fabulous kitchen window view! Mine looks out on a lemon tree and a rose bush. The rose bush needs to be removed. It's scraggly and ugly. One of these days.... Love the footsies in the air casts!

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