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EDM Challenge #237: Under the Bed

In Manhattan apartments, there are whole organizational systems created for under bed storage.  But we've resisted so far and I have only 2 items under our bed.

My First Briefcase:  I bought this brown leather briefcase at Frost Brothers department store in San Antonio Texas in the late 70s and used it for many years while traveling back and forth to the Hospital.  When we moved to New York City in the early 90s, I found that a large leather bookbag with shoulder straps made it easier to walk between our apartment and my car, so my briefcase remained in my office 99% of the time.  When I retired in July I almost gave it away.  This was a great opportunity to create a memory drawing.  For now it will remain under our bed in a storage container.


My New Papercutter:  When I took a bookbinding class last year I worried about my ability to cut Davey board at home without the wonderful commercial papercutter that was in the Studio.  I traveled around our neighborhood - from places like Kinkos to Staples - trying out their copy center papercutters on my sample of the book board.  This X-acto paper cutter was the winner.  I have used it to cleanly cut book boards for 10 watercolor journals and keep it under the bed in its original box for safety and storage.



Great sketches - and now you can check out your briefcase anytime without foraging under the bed!
I finally managed to make a little recycled sketch book, following your tutorials/advice so thanks! I have also done my first sketch in that little book. I may have to think about buying a paper cutter so your recommendation is welcome.

These are two wonderful items from under your bed! I love that you took them out to draw. Nicely done. I also have an old briefcase in my closet. It's from the 80's and I don't use it any longer and have changed jobs, but I just can't get rid of it.

Something from the past and something for the future - a nice mix of things to find under the bed! You draw the briefcase with the sense of someone who knows it very well.

Hi Shirley! I'm glad you kept your briefcase - and you've proved that even Manhatten apartments have room for memories. Wonderful sketches!

I'm glad you didn't give your first briefcase away, Shirley. I can see a special grandchild taking it as a good luck charm into a first residency. And it made a great sketch too. I do hope a bare toe doesn't find the paper cutter under the bed though.

Seems to me that your old briefcase is just the size for a pad of watercolor paper, some pens and pencils, and a tiny paintbox... to take with you as you paint your hometown.

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