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May 5, 2007

More Figure Sketching


I am trying multiple methods to improve figure drawing and at this moment I'm still primarily doing outline drawings.  During April I recycled a book of Michaelangelo's sonnets and I incorporated some of his drawings among the new pages for inspiration.  The above sketch is based on a Posemaniacs.com figure of the day.  I used pencil and some watercolor wash.   


Several sketches from a photo of a baby - to try to capture their chubby hands, chubby feet, and big eyes.  These sketches were done using colored pencil on one of the original sonnet pages that are on the back of the page with Michaelangelo's drawings.


This is my journal page from May 1st - another daily pose from posemaniacs.com.  Yesterday I posted this week's EDM Challenge which was done on May 2nd.  Tomorrow I'll post museum-inspired journals pages from May 3rd and 4th.  I'll then continue to post journal pages sequentially and I'm just hoping that I have time to post everyday in MAY.



May 4, 2007

EDM Challenge #117:Draw Something Round

   85219984@N00.jpg I draw everyday so my commitment for this month is to upload one of my journal pages for every day in the month - which I never previously have done.  This one will be out of order because I wanted to post my EDM challenge today.  On Sunday I'll upload all of the other sketches.


Three "sorta" round wheels:  I was leaving the International Center of Photography exhibit several weeks ago - really inspired by Henri Cartier Bresson's philosophy about impulsive actions, when a red pedicab pulled up to the light as I was crossing 6th Avenue.  The beautiful driver, then sat up and placed her hands on her hips - exuding power and confidence.  I managed to quickly take one photo before the light changed and she pedaled on, but I was fearful about sketching from the photo because I couldn't figure out how to sketch so many spokes on 3 wheels.  I even asked for advice from this group - and sketched "the anatomy of a bicycle wheel "from our bike rack at work.  But, when I saw the magnificent tandem bicycle in the large painting by Ramon Casas at the Barcelona exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I realized the wheels had NO SPOKES - and I might never have noticed if I weren't obsessing over this photo.  As soon as Karen announced the challenge for the week, I knew I had to do this - without spokes. 



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