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May 8, 2007

Every Day in May: May 8th

85219984@N00.jpg Time to start Lesson 4 in my Watercolor Skills Workbook: 3-Dimensional Form-The Art of Illusion.  The first exercise is "Drawing the Basics: cylinder, cube, cone, and sphere."  I set up the forms, put a light across the still life and sketched the shapes.  Next I may try to do them with watercolor shading - but not tonight. 




May 7, 2007

Every Day in May - May 7th

85219984@N00.jpgLate day at work - so I decided to try PoseManiacs 90 second images for my daily sketch.  Wow, the figures were in tortured positions and 90 minutes went by very fast.  I did 3 of the images and then added my grand daughter's hands and feet to the page for more human figure practice.


May 6, 2007

Bookbinding Gap


The is a recycled book in which I inserted signatures of 140 and 90 lb watercolor paper.  I used a bone folder to press the paper and a coptic stitch, pulling the linen thread as much as I could.  I didn't use tape or glue paper or cloth over the spine.  I wanted to make sure that glue didn't get between pages - preventing each page from opening flat.

The book was made from a 50+ year old book of Micahelangelo Sonnets and his drawings were scattered throughout the book.  I incorporated many of the original pages in my book which is intended for figure drawing practice.  What better inspiration could I have?  Here is the first mixed page layout.


I decided to cover the two gaps between signatures with a piece of Michaelangelo's drawings - one page was divided in half and glued in place with PVA glue. 



Every Day in May: May 6th

85219984@N00.jpg  May 6th (but labeled incorrectly as the 7th on my page)

I am starting a series of New York City sketches - when the spirit moves me - probably in nice weather and when I have time to take a walk and sketch without needing to get somewhere.  Since it is hard for me to decide what I want to sketch in this big city, I will walk 10 blocks (1/2 mile) and then select something from the 4 directions that I can see.  Today was "10 block series #1" - and I stopped in a my neighborhood independent bookstore, sat on a bench, and read for awhile along the way.   Only when I reached my destination did I realize that I only had 12 watercolor pencils with me.  This was very liberating and I think the sketch is looser.  I added ink and water when I came home.  My only disappointment is the Arches 140lb rough paper.  I bound many kinds of watercolor  paper in my recycled books so I could experiment and I don't think I'll buy "rough" again anytime soon. 



Every Day in May


Here are journal pages from May 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  I think it might be easier if I at least scan them daily, because my evening hours are too short to do everything I want to do.  I definitely won't take the time to also upload them to the Every Day in May Flik'r group.

May 2nd:  There was no sketching or photography allowed at the Met's exhibit "Barcelona and Modernity."  But I was taking a few notes in a really small notebook when I saw the Gaspar Homar's 1905 furniture design drawing.  I still think like a quilter and I still collect images that I want to save for textile projects.  The guards couldn't really see that I was sketching instead of writing.  The top half of the image is Homar's and the bottom half is my addition.  The colors are all mine.


May 3rd:  I was permitted to sketch in the "Venice and the Islamic World" exhibit and among the many pieces of Venetian art that were inspired by their Islamic trade, I found this "ewer."  The surface was marbelized, something I couldn't do on this journal page.  However, I tried to capture the shape and colors.


May 5th:  I was "stuck" on the last exercise in Lesson 3 of the Elsworth Watercolor Skills Workbook because I don't love landscapes.  My city landscape has really tall buildings everywhere!  I finally decided to work from one of my photos, taken during a wonderful trip to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast in Oct 2005.  The exercise was to paint a landscape using the layer-on-layer method - and here is Mount Vesuvius from Sorrento on a partially clear day.


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