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May 17, 2007

Every Day in May: May 16th and May 17th

85219984@N00.jpg Those of us participating in the Every Day in May challenge are more than halfway - and I'm definitely getting faster at scanning and uploading my daily journal pages.

 May 16th:  I went to the Paul Poiret fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was captivated by the mannequin who was reclining on piles of pillows and a bed in the middle of the gallery. 


 May 17th: Katherine Tyrrell and I found Christopher Lambert's book Taking a Line for a Walk when we visited the Southbank Galleries in London in February.  Katherine bought it then and I received it as one of my Mother's Day presents.  The author walked from Le Havre France to Rome with several pens, some watercolor pencils, and a small sketchbook - and kept a wonderful travel journal - one page per day - every step of the way.  He never considered publishing it and the writing is small - but very interesting - necessitating me to use my magnifying glass to read the text.



May 15, 2007

Every Day in May: May 15th/ EDM Challenge #118

85219984@N00.jpg  It took me awhile to decide what to sketch for this challenge - and finally sorted through old photos to find one of me 40 years ago with my long braid.  It was cut one year later and I never let it grow that long again.  I still need lots of practice sketching faces and my husband says that it doesn't look anything like me. 



May 14, 2007

Every Day in May: May 14th

85219984@N00.jpg  I continue to practice figure drawing and enjoy adding them to my recycled Michaelangelo book.  But I will never buy rough watercolor paper again - just have to get through these pages!



Tagging More EDM Members

I was tagged by Katherine Tyrrell of http://makingamark.blogspot.com/ on Friday and posted the "7 things you don't know about me" on Saturday on my blog:


Yesterday the tagging spread to our EDM members and since everyone needs to tag 7 more people, I'm not sure how quickly and how far this will spread.  It is fun to do and definitely will help to develop more of a community among our EDM group members - if we know a little more about each other.

So in order to pass the Tag along, I decided that I would like to tag any EDM member who joined the group in the last 6 months.  After you post "7Things" to your blog, please leave a message on the EDM message board so we can all visit and get to know you better.

May 13, 2007

Every Day in May: May 13th

85219984@N00.jpg  We spent several hours in Central Park with my son, daughter-in-law and grandson Robbie in celebration of Mother's Day.  The weather was beautiful and the Great Lawn was full of families and softball players.  I sketched the city skyline looking south from the Great Lawn at 86th St.

 I still hate the rough watercolor paper. This sketch was done in my NYC Journal using Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils.  The piece of subway map that is above my sketch is my addition to the journal to cover the gap between signatures.


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