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Every Day in May


Here are journal pages from May 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  I think it might be easier if I at least scan them daily, because my evening hours are too short to do everything I want to do.  I definitely won't take the time to also upload them to the Every Day in May Flik'r group.

May 2nd:  There was no sketching or photography allowed at the Met's exhibit "Barcelona and Modernity."  But I was taking a few notes in a really small notebook when I saw the Gaspar Homar's 1905 furniture design drawing.  I still think like a quilter and I still collect images that I want to save for textile projects.  The guards couldn't really see that I was sketching instead of writing.  The top half of the image is Homar's and the bottom half is my addition.  The colors are all mine.


May 3rd:  I was permitted to sketch in the "Venice and the Islamic World" exhibit and among the many pieces of Venetian art that were inspired by their Islamic trade, I found this "ewer."  The surface was marbelized, something I couldn't do on this journal page.  However, I tried to capture the shape and colors.


May 5th:  I was "stuck" on the last exercise in Lesson 3 of the Elsworth Watercolor Skills Workbook because I don't love landscapes.  My city landscape has really tall buildings everywhere!  I finally decided to work from one of my photos, taken during a wonderful trip to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast in Oct 2005.  The exercise was to paint a landscape using the layer-on-layer method - and here is Mount Vesuvius from Sorrento on a partially clear day.



I agree with you about landscapes, Shirley - I don't like doing them either. You've done a beautiful job on this one though, I love the soft colors you chose. Good job getting that design sketched without the guard catching you, too!

Shirley, I love the delicate colors you use, each time again. I gives a very distoinctive style. Nice work.

These are wonderful, Shirley! I think my favorite is the ewer ... such a neat shape that you captured beautifully in watercolor!

A very nice range of images. I like the variety. There is a real softness to your watercolors.

No sketching - that's ludicrous! Still you managed some nice quick ones anyway - I particularly like the vessel, you've made it look very delicate and the colours are beautiful.

I love the blue colors in your ewer - what a beautiful painting!

All are lovely, Shirley! The ewer is my favourite ~ :) Beautiful colours and shape.

Very atmospheric Shirley!

Your Vesuvius sketch is wonderfully atmospheric.

No sketching? I've never heard of a museum immposing such a rule before. Seems a bit mean - particularly since you can view and sketch from many of the images online anyway!

Well, for somebody who doesn't like landscapes, you do them awfully well! ;-)

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